Review: Runaways #11


Confession time: despite being a hardcore Whedon fan and generally enjoying Moore, I haven’t read Runaways since BKV left the title a few years back.  When it premiered, it was one of the cleverest new titles on the shelves, and it hung onto that for a good little while.  I hadn’t heard enough good things about the book to get back on board, and so, for a long time, it lingered, a largely forgotten pop culture relic in the back of my brain.

When I heard that writer Kathryn Immonen was coming on the title… and that it had nothing to do with this Dark Reign nonsense… and that it was one of the few Marvel titles remaining at the crucial $2.99 price tag, I decided to jump back on board.  I miss my Marvel Universe, I’ve found, at least until I read anything that takes place in the mainstream setting.  Besides that, though, Immonen’s recent Patsy Walker: Hellcat was one of the most quirky, charming minis in recent memory, and I wanted to see what she could do with a slightly more high-profile title.

Runaways #11 is not without flaws, especially not to readers who’ve been away for awhile.  Little information is given on the new Runaway, Klara, and little personality, too.  Meanwhile, the death touted on the cover of the issue seems a bit too random, and the return doesn’t actually seem to happen.  And while Pichelli’s art is gorgeous, it is perhaps a little bit too much so – Chase looks like the platonic ideal of a boy band idol, just to give one example.

That said, those are mostly nit-picks.  Pichelli does  fabulous job with 99% of the issue, and her cartoony style is a joy to look at.  Immonen isn’t quite as quick as she was in Hellcat, but she still provides a solid opening issue, and her snappy style works well with Pichelli’s art.  The book is fun, different, and just a little confused, but it definitely makes me curious to see where they’ll go next issue.

Grade: B+

– Cal Cleary


7 thoughts on “Review: Runaways #11

  1. The only BKV comics I’ve read are Ultimate X-Men and The Hood.

    I believe in reading a writer’s worst work. 😀

    Oh, and Whedon’s run, which I only read two issues of before vomiting in disgust, was awful.

    Ok, maybe I’m just trying to frustrate you now.

  2. The Hood was pretty enjoyable. UXM, though? Same policy towards that as I have towards all the Ultimate nonsense.

    Too bad about Whedon, though. Dude’s got some serious skill when it comes to TV.

  3. Actually, everyone really liked BKV’s run on UXM, myself included.

    And, I too enjoyed The Hood, despite some lackluster art.

    It just amuses me that I’ve read that BKV, and not Y or X, which is what he’s known for. Well, that, and LOST!!!

  4. Yeah. Y:tLM and ExM are definitely his highpoints, though Runaways was probably his best in-continuity work.

    Go read them.

  5. Well, there is method to my madness.

    I’m not going to read Y because I’ve already been spoiled on certain things. Plus, I don’t want to read about a monkey. 😉

    I’ll wait for the X hardcovers.

    As for Runaways, do I really want to get suckered into another franchise? BKV doesn’t conclude the story, and I know that at least some of the follow-up is bad. So, why bother?

    But Uncanny X-Men #512 is completely self-contained, and it has an ending. 😀

  6. The import of a story is not what happens, but how it is told. Read Y.

    ExM: Fair enough.

    Just read BKV’s stuff. He concluded all his stories. Because his run didn’t end with everyone dying, someone picked up after… but you hardly have to read Whedon or Moore just because your read BKV.

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