Review: Green Lantern #42

The Words: Johns, as he has in all of the “Prelude to Blackest Night” issues, spoon-feeds us a lot of information. Johns sold me on this series long ago, so, of course, the exposition is fascinating to me. And those jumping on board for the mega-event shouldn’t be too lost. What’s interesting is that this issue is as goofy as Johns has ever been on this series. Do you even remember when this book was wacky? It got very serious during the “Sinestro Corps” stuff, which was basically a war comic, but this issue features a half-dozen moments that will either leave you chuckling or booing. I fell into the former category.

The Pictures: Oh, lord. This issue is even more of an artistic mess than last issue. There are two completely different art teams working here. That’s right, two pencilers, two inkers, and two colorists. There’s no rhyme or reason to the change in art, and the effect is jarring. Oh, and Hal’s two rings change places as well. Tan might be a slow artist. Or maybe he was busy or DC screwed him, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m looking forward to Doug Mahnke’s future issues even more right now.

Final Word: I had fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed the “Blackest Night” info and hints. However, the poor art and sheer goofiness may repel some readers. 

Grade: C+

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7 thoughts on “Review: Green Lantern #42

  1. Pssht!

    What? I mentioned its faults. The faults just didn’t bother me as much as they apparently did for you.

    Oh, and hey, Kyle fan, I don’t want any more of this “Kyle makes better constructs because he has imagination” bullshit, anymore. Hal made a whole construct army!

    Hal=The kewlest

  2. “This issue is even more of an artistic mess than last issue.”

    “…but this issue features a half-dozen moments that will either leave you chuckling or booing.”

    Those are from my review. “Blow them off” my ass.

    But, you’re right. It should be a C+. I’ll change it now.

  3. But ratings are important.

    People are in a hurry. So, if they want to just look at the rating and my final word, that’s fine with me.

    I’ve done that before with reviews. It helps people.

    Who wants to read a long rant with no rating? 😉

  4. Ha!

    You know, a lot of your rants are in that top posts section, but it’s probably due to your whoring and “Starfire naked” using.

    Plus, we get over 500 viewers a day, and the top post of the day usually gets 50 views if that.

    So, a lot of people must be just looking at the main page, which means fans!

  5. Between you and me (because no one else is reading this far down in the comments) one reason that I post rants is to try to make sure we have some new content on every work day. Gives people a reason to at least check back and see if something new is up… even if it’s just the cranky guy ranting again.

  6. Oh, I’m sorry. Should I not post anything on weekends?

    I have already written a review for all but one comic I read this week. I have them scheduled for the next few days.

    You don’t think anyone is reading on the weekend?

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