Review: Power Girl #2


Fair or not, it’s hard to think of a comic solely by the name of the artist, much harder than it is to think of it solely by the name of the writer(s).  More people say “Moore’s Watchmen” than Gibbons’ Watchmen” or even “Moore and Gibbons’ Watchmen“.  Still, this is unquestionably Amanda Conner’s Power Girl.  Conner carries the success of this book on her shoulders, her expressive art and unique style offering up an absolutely lovely take on the old, underused character.  But is her art enough?

Palmiotti and Gray have teamed up a number of times before, but have achieved little critical or devoted fan following over the years.  Power Girl illustrates why – the plot is overly simplistic and the dialogue trite, as they fail to fully make use of their talented art team or free reign with an interesting character.  The book is often fun, and the pair seem to be having a blast, but not all of that energy makes it to the page.  There is the argument that it’s simply traditional super-heroics in a more cynical age, but many of us have experienced ‘traditional super-heroics’ in a more complex form – traditional or even simple doesn’t have to translate to lazy.

Power Girl is not a bad book by any means.  Admittedly, this is only because of Amanda Conner, but still – for $2.99 you get an absolutely lovely 22 pages of story.  It may not be the most compelling story on the stands, but as far as fluff goes it nonetheless remains satisfying.

Grade: B-

– Cal Cleary


3 thoughts on “Review: Power Girl #2

  1. And this is why I’m not reading Power Girl.

    I love Amanda Conner, but, sadly, she hasn’t worked with many great writers yet. I hope that changes.

    I’m looking forward to her Supergirl in Wednesday Comics, though.

  2. Jimmy and Amanda don’t have as much free reign as you think, with this arch at least. I read an article somewhere (Newsarama/CBR) that Jimmy did not intend to make the Ultra-Humanite the first villain. I guess they were ordered by DC.

    Jimmy can do better than this, Power Girl’s JSA Classified #1-4 was great.

    I’ll stick around with the series but I hope this arc goes out with a BANG.

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