Review: Invincible #63

This is a huge week for comics, but forget about that Captain America hype, this comic contains the real, mind-blowing event. Robert Kirkman even said so. You trust him, right?

This issue was brutal. Yes, I knew what was coming. For some reason, the covers already spoiled things, but that didn’t make the event any less harrowing. This issue, like the last, went by very quickly. However, it wasn’t due to lack of dialogue; it was because I’m so deeply invested in these characters. I was completely sucked in, right there with Mark as he watched the unthinkable happen.

The entire art crew, Ryan Ottely, Cliff Rathburn, and FCO Plascencia, produce a beautiful book. Every bit of blood, bone, and terror is captured wonderfully. My one minor complaint is that I wish I knew more about Conquest. It’s one thing when a hero’s nemesis does something terrible, like the Red Skull killing Captain America, and quite another when some powerful jerk falls out of the sky, like Doomsday. Conquest falls into the latter category, which disappoints me. Although, I know a lot of people like Doomsday, so perhaps I’m in the minority. Either way, Invincible #63 is as good as this series gets. I’m utterly heartbroken, and I can’t wait to see Conquest get his face smashed in.

Grade: A

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