Review: Uncanny X-Men #511

I’ve read the entirety of Fraction’s X-Men run. We’re what, twelve issues in, right? And time after time, I have to talk about the same problems. Too many characters. Fraction has to service too many stories. And, when it’s his turn, Greg Land’s art. These problems probably won’t go away soon. They are a hindrance, but, damn it, Fraction still writes a good comic!

Sure, he stumbles here and there. The pacing is a bit uneven. Some people are frustrated with the Sisterhood’s plot, although, with that complaint, I disagree. Fraction, being a post-Grant Morrison X-Writer, has the benefit of seeing how to best handle X-Men continuity. Acknowledge it, but don’t let it damage your story. The Sisterhood’s plot is entertaining, relatively original, and ends with yet another addition to the X-Roster. Which is kind of a good thing, right? People do love the X-Men.

As for Land’s art, it’s a bit funny. Land is finally straying away from tracing. Oh, sure, a lot of the faces, particularly the women, look startlingly similar, and there are a few awkward poses here and there, but, for the most part, Land is getting more original. The problem? His original art doesn’t look very good. Now, it could be his inker, I suppose, but it’s still troubling. I hate to kick Land because everyone does, but I have to inform you of the book’s art quality, unfortunately for Land.

Despite the book’s problems, Fraction still keeps things creative and fun. I still love his character introductions. They’re entertaining and necessary. My favorite part of the issue is two pages of fighting that provides some rapid-fire comedy that parodies the idiotic comic-fight-banter. Even if the Sisterhood arc didn’t do anything for you , next issue will feature beautiful Yanick Paquette art and the awesome X-Club! And after that? The Uncanny X-Men/ Dark Avengers crossover completely handled by Fraction! That should be good.

Grade: B+

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2 thoughts on “Review: Uncanny X-Men #511

  1. It wasn’t that bad.

    As I said, Land is getting better…in that area at least.

    In quality art? Not so much.

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