Review: Booster Gold #21

bg 21

I love fun super hero comics.  And for a long time, I was a big supporter of Booster Gold.  When Geoff Johns left, I promised myself I’d stick around and see how Dan Jurgens did flying solo.  But I didn’t keep my promise.  Month after month, I had good intentions to revisit the book.  But somehow, I always seemed to come in in the middle of a story or during a fill-in issue.  So, long story short, I never did check back in.

I did sample the Blue Beetle book when it first started.  I liked it okay, but it didn’t totally grab me.  When Keith Giffen left the book, I left with him.  I wasn’t a big enough fan of the new Beetle to give this Sturges guy a try.  I kept hearing how good the book was, but like a lot of people, I never got around to giving it a fair shake.

Booster Gold #21 was a chance for me to right two wrongs.  And boy, I’m glad I did.  It’s not a perfect book.  But both the main story and the back-up feature are a heck of a lot of fun.  And both are completely accessible to a new reader (or a lapsed reader like myself.)

The main story reaffirms Booster’s mission as a time traveling hero.  The greatest hero no one ever knew, as they say.  He’s got to look like a schuck to keep someone from figuring out how important he is and killing him as an infant.

That mission is put in jeopardy by the fact that there’s a new Batman in town.  Bruce knew about Booster’s mission and had photographic evidence.  With Bruce gone, Booster decides he needs to keep that evidence from falling into the wrong hands.  So, of course he breaks into the Batcave.

The new Batman, believing Booster to be a loser trying to cover up his own mistakes, doesn’t take lightly to breaking and entering.  Of course the two eventually team up when they are attacked by a mutual enemy.

Jurgens isn’t reinventing the wheel here.  Booster Gold is a fast-paced super hero comic with all the trimmings.  The art is great.  You would expect no less from Jurgens.  And the writing is solid.  I’ve always found Jurgens to be strong on plot but a little clunky on dialogue.  This is no exception.

The Blue Beetle back-up was a good match for the main story.  It was also light and fast-paced with some strong character moments.  I was surprised how quickly I was drawn into Jaime’s supporting cast.  I know it’s too little, too late.  But I am seriously tempted to go pick up some Blue Beetle back issues now.

If you like fun super hero comics, Booster Gold is a great double feature.  And this is the issue to jump on board!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Booster Gold #21

  1. You should definitely check out the trades for Blue Beetle. It actually got REALLY REALLY good once John Rogers took over the title, culminating in the absolutely awesome Endgame arc. Seriously a must-read story.

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