Review: Green Lantern Corps #37

glc 37

I was pretty impressed with GLC last issue.  I even went so far as to pick it as one of the top 5 books of the month.  Well, this issue the story kind of slipped into neutral.  As a result, the book’s momentum stalled out.

A lot happened last month.  It kept the pages turning pretty quickly.  But this issue hits a lot of the same story beats.  The majority of the Lanterns are still putting down a break-out in the Sciencecells.  Arisia is still on Daxam trying to overthrow Mogul.  At the end of the issue, very little has changed from the end of last issue.

The book starts off with Sodom Yat appearing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his people.  It lacks a certain dramatic punch given that we have seen Sodom alive and well in the future in Legion of Three Worlds.  As a result of… whatever he did… Daxam’s sun has been turned yellow and all of the Daxamites have been given Superman-like powers.

The Daxamites are understandably ready for a fight.  As they struggle to contain their new found powers and their rage, Arisia takes command.  She orders them not to rush into a fight against Mongul.  Instead, she vows to train them and lead an underground resistance in honor of Sodom Yat.

Yeah, it felt kind of phoney.  The only reason for it is to delay the story to the point where Sinestro can arrive.  Like so much of this issue, it felt like padding to stretch things out until Blackest Night starts.

Back on Oa, Kyle Rayner makes what promises to be a Faustian bargain with Kanjar Ro.  This too seems forced to serve the plot.  And Lyssa Drak searches for the Book of Parallax only to find an entirely different book on Oa.  It leads to the coolest moment in the books.  So, I won’t spoil it.  But I will say I am getting really sick of seeing Scar crying black goo!

The highlight of the issue was the art by Patrick Gleason.  Gleason delivers a two-page spread of the Sciencells break-out that is every bit on par with the work of Ivan Reis.  His artwork saved what was otherwise a bit of a lackluster issue.

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