Review: The Walking Dead #62

This is it! The beginning of the “Fear the Hunters” arc! Boy, The Walking Dead has just been dishing out the awesome lately, huh? As you should know, we haven’t had a death in this book for a while. Well, except for the harrowing last issue! Robert Kirkman even commented on possible future deaths.

So how was this issue? Well, great, as always, but this was, to use an old phrase, “the calm before the storm.” I think the most interesting thing about the last year of The Walking Dead is Carl’s evolution. He’s always been a good, headstrong kid, but lately he’s truly beginning to act like his old man. Unfortunately, he’s acting more like “Rick to the Extreme!” With his actions last issue and his reaction in this issue, one wonders if Rick will actually have to take down his own son. However, Carl does display a bit of humanity near the climax of this issue. Speaking of climax, like almost every issue of The Walking Dead, this issue has a good one.

Even though this is just the beginning of the new arc, it’s quick and hard-hitting. I eagerly await the next issue. Oh, when I picked this up in the shop today, a guy asked me if this was good. So, for those of you who haven’t read this comic, the trade is only ten bucks, and it should get you hooked.

Grade: B+

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