Review: Action Comics #878


I think that, in my last few reviews, I’ve made my feelings about Rucka’s run on Action Comics fairly well-known.  I’ve always (and still do) consider Greg Rucka to be one of the top talents working in mainstream comics today, but thus far his Action has been bland, dealing largely with a conflict that was old before it started.

With so many Kryptonians, General Lane has decided that he really, really doesn’t like them.  Yes, by being on Earth, they’re breaking the law – I hate comic book laws, by the way, and this one ranks right up there with the SHRA for nonsensicality – but also, he just really hates them.  General Lane really doesn’t like them.  In fact, he has a number of rants torn straight from the pages of 40 years of X-Men comics letting us know just how much he doesn’t like them, especially Thara Ak’Var and Chris, despite all evidence that suggests that they are, indeed, on the side of angels.

On the upside, the issue does reveal why the arc is called ‘The Sleepers’.  Not, as we were lead to believe, because there are undercover Kryptonians fomenting hate among the populace, as the first issue lead us to believe.  The next Kryptonians are, in fact, anything but undercover, acting instead like two carefree sociopaths with the powers of Superman and absolutely no sense of creativity.  For such a major threat, the pair do little damage before they are handily defeated.

Diego Olmos, the third artist on Rucka’s run thus far, opts for a slightly more cartoony style than either of the previous artists.  While at least a little interesting, and effective during some of the fight sequences, it really doesn’t fit the tone of the book to date at all.  Aside from that, the issue offers some of Rucka’s most utterly average work in a long time.  It’s not bad – the plot is coherent, moves along nicely, the issue sets things up, characterization is consistent – but it’s not up to the quality that Rucka is capable of.

Grade: C-

(as a note: unless there is only a single issue left in this arc, this will be my last Action Comics review for some time.)


8 thoughts on “Review: Action Comics #878

  1. It’s not a bad comic. But it’s disappointingly average coming from Rucka.

    I mean, it’s still gotta be better than anything written by Loeb, right?

  2. Who are you? Oooh, you kicked Loeb. What do you want, a cookie?

    Yeah, I’m sure this Action Comics run is better than Batman: Long Halloween. Riiiight.

  3. Stop that!

    Seriously, the Johns kicks are fine because not everyone kicks Johns, but EVERYONE kicks Loeb.

    You’re making yourself out to be a bandwagon fan.

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