Review: Irredeemable #3


Mark Waid and Peter Krause return with BOOM!’s Irredeemable, a dark book that essentially asks, “What if Superman snapped?”  At least, that’s how the book is often pitched.  In reality, while the comparison to Superman snapping is fitting, the book sometimes feels more about the question “Why would Superman snap?” as it looks at the constant, thankless stresses that people who should be our heroes feel every day when we take them for granted.

#3 focuses largely on the small-time villains of the Plutonian as they gather in the abandoned hideout of a murdered superhero.  The book, fairly action-lite this time, though Waid makes up for it by having the beginning and, subsequently, the ending scenes be about as creepy as they can be, with a few nice character moments in between, all ably illustrated by Krause.

Irredeemable seems to be moving at a snails pace and confounding expectations at every turn.  Despite that, however, the book remains a consistently enjoyable read.  I still have, quite honestly, no idea where the book is going, and I mean that in a good way – despite being one continuous arc, it would be hard to call it predictable – and as we see the whys and wherefores slowly being answered along with the ‘what nexts’, the series just keeps getting better.

Grade: B+

– Cal J Cleary



One thought on “Review: Irredeemable #3

  1. Jeez, are you just now reviewing this?

    I reviewed this back in May!

    How the hell is this going at a snail’s pace? Every single issue has been packed with thrills, unless of course you’re talking about the progression of the plot, but even that seems to be chugging along smoothly.

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