SeventhSoldier’s Top 5 for May

Everyone else is doing it, and I am nothing if not a lemming, and so I present my own Top 5 for the Month of May.  The month wasn’t my biggest, spending-wise, but that looks to be picking up fairly soon.


Secret Six 9

Secret Six continues to be one of the most consistently enjoyable titles on the shelves, though #9 felt like a bit of a middle child in the grand scheme of things.  Still, the ruminations on the cowl were fun, as was the general taunting tone it seemed to take towards the holding pattern ‘event’, and Ragdoll, in Simone’s hands, can sell me on just about anything.



After a somewhat lackluster first issue, Irredeemable‘s second issue delivered the thrills, deepened the twisted Superman-esque mythos of the book, and came packed with some pretty great art.  Though the book hasn’t yet lived up to Waid’s strongest work, it demonstrates a lot of promise that I hope to see come out more thoroughly in future issues.



Robinson’s Superman continues to improve, for the first time beating out World of New Krypton in most every way.  Helped in no small part by artist Renato Guedes, the book feels vastly more human than most superhero titles out there, especially the issue’s closing page of Mon-El’s reflections in Paris.


The Unwritte

The Unwritten‘s premiere was enormous, affordable, creative and well-executed.  Carey and Gross begin a new Vertigo series with a great deal more promise and finesse than most new #1’s can boast, crafting an engaging tale that manages to combine aspects of Harry Potter, Books of Magic, and Sandman in ambitious fantasy. 



Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those that enjoy its quirky brand of black humor and heroics, this issue provided everything you could’ve asked for and more.  This is Morrison and Stewart doing some of their finest work, offering a layered fantasy world that plays with our expectations and revels, at least a little, in our discomfort.

– Cal Cleary


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13 Responses to SeventhSoldier’s Top 5 for May

  1. brucecastle says:

    Woo Hoo! Conformity! How come this didn’t catch on when I did it in April? Are you all just bored, now?

    “After a somewhat lackluster first issue, Irredeemable’s second issue delivered the thrills…”

    Lackluster first issue? Are you high? Well, I guess it’s possible that you didn’t enjoy it. But then you said that issue #2 delivered the thrills, implying that issue #1 didn’t? Are you high?

    How could a Robinson-penned anything be good? Ok, I haven’t read Starman, but from what I have read, including some of his Superman: Just awful. I think he’s getting help.

    How could this Seaguy be better than the first? That was a recent top ten list I threw down. Top Ten Morrison runs. We could do that, unless of course, DC hasn’t read ten.

    Oh, and please remember to add categories.

  2. seventhsoldier says:

    The first issue just seemed to go by too quickly, all set up and no follow through. No myth-building, either. Just, things going wrong, at least that’s how it felt.

    This issue has plenty going wrong, but it also builds up a backstory and gives us some people to care about, as well as hints at a reason.

    Superman and World of New Krypton have been stellar lately! And Starman is perhaps the best mainstream comic ever written! Curse you and your senseless Robinson-hate! Exclamations!

    I actually think that Slaves of Mickey Eye is better than the first. Have you been reading it?

  3. dclebeau says:

    I agree that Superman has been improving. I gave the nod to World of New Krypton. But that was at least partially based on consistency. Also, I just like reading about Superman more than I like reading about Mon-el and Guardian.

  4. brucecastle says:

    Well, to me, Rucka could be carrying Robinson’s ass on WONK.

    Like I said, Seventh, everything I’ve read from Robinson has been trash. Starman could be great. That’s fine. I still probably won’t read it though.

    I’m waiting for Seaguy in trade, just like I did the first time.

    Come to think of it, Brubaker started writing better on Daredevil once Rucka teamed up with him for an arc.

    Does Rucka make people write better when he touches them? I must find that man!

  5. seventhsoldier says:

    What have you read by Robinson? What I’ve read of Superman is quite good – better than Action, at least – and Starman is great. I honestly don’t htink I’ve ever read another Robinson comic.

    I will say, Cry for Justice looks pretty bad in my opinion, though.

  6. brucecastle says:

    Uh, what I can remember reading from Robinson was Batman: One Year Later. Yeah, that was bad.

    The beggining of his Superman run.

    That was HORRIBLE!

    Superman acted like a dick. He made lewd comments about women for God’s sake!

    Oh, and yes, that preview of Cry for Justice that we read in Secret Six was terrible as well.

    He just doesn’t know the characters at all.

    • dclebeau says:

      I think I liked everything you mentioned. I do remember Superman being a bit of a jerk in the first issue, but it was like 2 comments. And he didn’t make any lewd comments about women!

      I really didn’t like the preview of Cry for Justice. Great art, but I wanted to smack Hal Jordan. Moreso than usual.

  7. brucecastle says:

    Lewd for Superman at least. He said something like “You’ve got a hot woman there. I’d like to show her why I’m the Man of Steel.”

    Ok, mayby not the second part. But the first part he did say. That One Year Later stuff, like every non-Geoff Johns OYL material, was bad.

    It wasn’t just Hal who acted completely out of character. Everyone did.


    Robinson is the Rob Liefeld of writers.

  8. brucecastle says:

    Well, I’m mostly kidding.

    Put simply, the few comics I’ve read from Robinson have been bad.

    Therefore, I will most likely never read another Robinson comic.

    There are other writers that I’ve had this experience with.

    Nothing personal against Robinson.

    I like what I like.

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  10. […] of the Secret Six, issue 9 (which was a bit of an off issue) also made Seventh Soldier’s top 5 list for […]

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