Review: Superman #688


After the opener’s, Robinson’s Superman-free Superman has come out ahead of Rucka’s Action Comics, matching, in many ways, even the collaborative Superman: World of New Krypton in terms of quality and excitement delivered on a consistent basis, and exceeding it in some ways with art from the stunningly talented Renato Guedes.

It feels strange to say that.  In any given issue of World of New Krypton, it seems as though a million and a half things happen.  We learn about a new society and we see a hero we’ve known forever interact with those things in fun and interesting ways.  In Superman, however, Robinson has given us two relative newcomers with the retooled Guardian and Mon-El, remained firmly rooted on Earth, and has moved the plot along in in tiny, neat chunks.

Working off threads set up in the past year, however, this issue sees the plot move along quite tidily – Guardian rescues a mysterious alien being and comes into contact with a military meta, while Mon-El’s powers begin to fail him for unknown reasons.  Thankfully, guest star Kimiyo Hoshi – Dr. Light – is here to explain: Mon-El’s powers are fighting the cure that’s protecting him from lead poisoning, leaving him alternatively powerless and slowly dying.

Besides being yet another plot thread for Robinson to toss in the air, this also provides us with a wonderfully emotional, subtle ending to the issue as Mon-El becomes a little bit less of an emotional cipher to us and begins to open up.  All of this is wonderfully captured by Renato Guedes, who has long been one of DC’s strongest underutilized talents.  Between Superman and World of New Krypton, it seems that DC is intent on making this a powerful time for the Superman mythos.

Grade: B+


3 thoughts on “Review: Superman #688

  1. I was the same way. I was annoyed that the Guardian was being used instead of the Manhattan Guardian, and while the Manhattan Guardian became a stronger character far faster than this iteration has, I am no longer annoyed when he’s around.

    Mon-El is who really shines for me, though – I didn’t expect to like him at all and wasn’t looking forward to this title terribly much, but nope, Mon-El is absolutely the heart of it all.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Silly Seventh, thinking people will actually use Morrison’s characters.

    What a good joke!

    I made myself sad, now.

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