Top 5 Best Comics of May 2009

My colleague, BruceCastle, posted his top 5 for May here.   I figured I’d take a stab at creating my own list.  I should warn you, BC is a much more eclectic comic book reader than I am.  His list contains a lot of independent titles I just didn’t read.  In fact, the only non-DC book I read this month was Captain America 50.  And it didn’t make the list.  (It wasn’t a bad read, but it contained way too much navel-gazing from Bucky and not enough of … anything else.)

On to the list:

5. Green Lantern Corps 36

GLC 36

Read my review of this issue here.

For my money, this book regularily outperforms the more touted main Green Lantern title.  It’s primary strength is it’s large ensemble cast.  The book has just as many cool ideas, but with a cast this large there’s just more going on.  This issue in particular had three separate plot threads all of which were more involving than what was going on in the main book.  And the art by Patrick Gleason is a perfect fit for the alien-filled book.

4. Power Girl 1


Read my review of this issue here.

Read SeventhSoldier’s review here.

Power Girl isn’t going to win any awards.  But there’s a very good chance it will put a smile on your face.  We need more fun comics like this one.  And just like Gleason is the perfect artist for GLC, Amanda Conner is the right artist for Power Girl.  Her art alone is worth the price of admission.

3. Superman: World of New Krypton 3

sup wok 3

Read SeventhSoldier’s review here.

Robinson and Rucka have each been writing Superman books that don’t star Superman.  And both have had somewhat mixed results.  But they consistently deliver the good on the one book that actually features the Man of Steel.

The World of New Krypton is fully realized here.  And it’s a fascinating place to visit.  Rather than showing General Zod to be a looney villain (like Ursa in Action Comics), Zod is shown as having layers.  Oh, sure, he’s a bad guy.  But he’s a complex villain.  And Superman has never seemed as smart and resourceful as he is in this book. 

2. Supergirl 41

supergirl 41

The “Superwoman” story arc comes to an explosive finale this issue.  And boy, does it deliver!  The showdown between Kara and Superwoman is frought with raw emotion.  Supergirl can barely contain her rage.  The final outcome is truly shocking – both to the main character and the reader.  If you haven’t been reading, go back to the first issue from Gates and Igle and catch up!

1. Secret Six 9

Secret Six 9

Read my review here.

Month after month, Secret Six has been my favorite comic since it debuted.  This issue is actually a bit weaker than the rest.  And still, it was the best book I read all month.  And, for my money, it was the only book even remotely associated with Batman that was worth reading.  If you’re a Bane fan, you owe it to yourself to check this book out.  If you’re not, read it anyway.  Gail Simone will convert you.  Still not sold?  Three words: Nicola Scott art.  Now go out and read it already!

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Comics of May 2009

  1. Shouldn’t you change this to Top 5 DC books?

    The worst Secret Six issue is #1? You’re too in love with that book.

    And hey, I only read one comic on your list, and GL was better.

    • I considered changing the titele. But I did read one Marvel book. These 5 were better. Thus, the disclaimer at the beginning.

      Secret Six was still much better than any other book I read last month. (Way better than Green Lantern.) Even though it was a slightly down issue, it was only slightly down. And still crammed in more entertainment than most comics on the market.

      If loving Secret Six is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

  2. Nah. Change it to Top DC. Just ignore your very few non-DC titles. Let me worry about everything. Let your list represent DC.

    Oh, and at least read my last email. It is important. You can respond in that draft if you wish.

    Green Lantern #41 > Secret Six #9 ;)

  3. I read your e-mail. Sounds like fun.

    I actually thought that GL 41 was more of an off issue for that series than Secret Six 9 was. But I have been down on the whole Agent Orange arc. It’s just so repetitive of all the post Sinestro Corps War GL stories. Obviously, I found a lot more to like in SS.

    If the list had been a top 10 instead of a top 5, GL 41 probably would have ranked 6 or 7. GL and Superman were neck and neck for that 6th spot.

  4. Yes, so, again, change the title to Top 5 DC.

    The only thing off about GL 41 was the art. God that was ugly. And I’m not completely blaming Tan. Whenever you have like three inkers working on something, I smell a rush job.

    Uh, not everything has been the same since SS. Secret Origins was different. The rest has been setup, but Agent Orange is the best yet.

    Of course, Agent Orange is no Sinestro, but he’s a pretty good villain. When Red Lantern finished, I was underwhelmed, thinking that it was mostly a Wiki entry with pretty art. But Agent Orange is a good story.

  5. I almost addressed Secret Origin in my earlier post. As you know, Secret Origin left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Everything since then has felt like more of the same. And I haven’t really cared for any of it. What, in your mind, elevates Agent Orange over the Red Lanterns stuff? To me, Agent Orange is no better.

  6. Oh, I know you didn’t like Secret Origin, but it WAS different.

    How is Agent Orange better? Keep in mind that I haven’t reread any of this, so I’m going off memory for things that came out six months ago.

    Though Red Lanterns had undeniably better art, Agent Orange is the better story.

    It has an interesting and intimidating villain. I like Agent Orange. He has the power of an entire Power Battery. So, in theory, he should be more powerful than Ion and the like.

    I liked the mystery and reveal of certain things. One, that the orange Watcher-esque duded weren’t the leaders of the Orange Corps at all, and they were slaughtered accordingly. I enjoy the fact that Agent Orange’s corps is composed of the spirits of deceased aliens. It reminds me of a cool episode of Samurai Jack.

    Oh, and the John Stewart/Fatality stuff, what little we’ve seen, is nice as well.

    Red Lanterns, on the other hand, was almost all spectacle. Lots and lots of blood. A lot of spitting and yelling going on.

    Atrocitus, while menacing and all that, isn’t the best villain. What else was in that arc? The whole Lost Lantern (Laura?) turn was a bit emotionally involving, but not too much. Again, Johns has been stringing along Hal’s guilty past for a while now.

    Oh, and the fact that Red Lanterns got off on the wrong foot, being a false Final Crisis tie-in, didn’t help.

    Ok, so I’ve definitely convinced you that Agent Orange is better than Red Lanterns. But did I convince you that Agent Orange is good? I don’t know. That’s up to you, but I’m enjoying it.

    And I still say that Hal getting his arm cut off is cool. It just came out of nowhere. Spontaneous violence is fun.

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