Advanced Review: Irredeemable #3

Note: Irredeemable #3 will be in stores on June 3, 2009.

The beginning of this issue is so unsettling. It’s a full-page splash about love and tenderness. I thought it was a flashback of the Plutonian’s Halycon days. Of course, on the next page, I get a punch in the gut and a large dose of creepiness. And that’s just one of the many examples in this book that proves: Mark Waid and Peter Krause are on the top of their game.

Irredeemable, if you don’t know, is about a Superman-esque character, the Plutonian, who’s gone bad. Well, if this was Superman, we may have a good idea why he turned bad, but Mark Waid is using completely new characters in a completely new world. So, Irredeemable has surprisingly become a mystery. Mark Waid wants us to ask: Why did the best of us go bad? And what’s his plan?

Well, like every issue, we get a few more clues. In fact, this issue gives us the deepest insight into the Plutonian. But this issue is mostly about the villains of the Irredeemable universe. On top of that, Waid gets another Superman relation out of the way. Just like last issue dealt with the Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman love triangle, this issue mentions the Superman/Batman dynamic. Again, Waid is wise to get these similarities out of the way quick. Oh, and can you guess what Superman would do to Batman if Superman stopped acting like a Boy Scout?

Irredeemable #3 is another solid issue from a fresh, new series that I’m already quite excited about. Actually, it’s more than solid. It’s exceptional. I’ve never considered myself a big Mark Waid fan, but honestly, his writing here is astonishing. Everything is so well-crafted. And that Peter Krause is no slouch, either.

Grade: A-

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