Review: Invincible #62

Invincible #62

Last issue, we found out what Conquest is. And what he is, is the badass Viltrumite of badass Viltrumite’s. The entirety of this issue is spent watching Mark and Conquest beat on each other. It was a good issue. I can’t really comment on the plot much, because there wasn’t much plot to comment on. All I know is that I love Mark, and Conquest is a hell of a villain. I still want to know how he lost his eye and arm.

What I can comment on, is Ottely’s art. I neglect to do so at times because I think he’s so consistently good. I read an interview with Ottley where he said that his work on early issues was bad. I was stunned. I don’t remember Ottely’s art looking poor. Sure enough, I looked back on earlier issues, and I have to say, the man has really improved. Want proof? Go read or reread Invincible #60. The man had to pack so much action, characters, and emotion into a small space, and he succeeded.

Kirkman, in his usual afterword, expressed his dislike of comic fans who cry “It only took five minutes to read.” I agree. I know several fans that do this, and it bugs me. Why would you just read the words and glance at the art? THIS IS COMICS! Gaze at that art. You’re paying for it, and you deserve it. So, this issue didn’t contain much dialogue, no doubt pleasing the fans who complain that Kirkman is “too wordy,” but it was still good. And Ryan Ottely is the reason why.

Grade: B-

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