Review: Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1


So far, I haven’t been terribly flattering to the Final Crisis Aftermath branding.  Run! was too generic and too slow as the first issue of an action book – and I can’t imagine it aspired to anything more than that – while Escape offered absolutely nothing in the opening issue unless you really like LOST, but thought it could use more superheroing.  The third of the four titles, Dance, seemed like it should be the hardest to do – comics does action and intrigue quite well, but there aren’t many comics that deal in teens trying to grow up; rather, most tend to revel in their angst without understanding where it comes from.

Dance #1, for all its flaws, cannot be accused of falling into many old stereotypes.  It is ceaselessly active and endlessly creative, sometimes in a way that almost reminds me of Joss Whedon’s better moments.  Much like Escape, there are plenty of small, clever touches – rather than caption boxes, we get tweets from the ever-connected Most Excellent Superbat, to give one example – that make the issue a bit more fun, and it’s needed.  Though we get more from the issue than we did from Escape in terms of action, drama and characterization, this issue is, nonetheless, pure setup for what is to come, offering only hints at the overall story – or even that there is one.

Chriscross does fine work with the art, never worrying about the drive in comics towards hyperrealism in many ways and not being afraid to shift back and forth from some of the weirder moments of the issue – the ghost of a pre-70s Japanese monster-hunter, a really quite pretty sequence of dance moves from Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash – on to darker subjects like the devestation of post-Darkseid Midway City.

The Super Young Team wants to grow up, but they are a product of their generation.  I am reminded, of all things, of a quote from the recently aired FOX pilot “Glee”: “Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now – and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that no one’s just gonna hand it to you.”  In a lot of ways, that sums up the Super Young Team pretty well, or it did.  Casey throws in hints of maturation, but on the whole, the issue gives Dance a promising start.  Maybe the petty angsts of the modern Titans will finally be supplanted by a more interesting take on the concept.

Grade: B


15 thoughts on “Review: Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1

  1. I’m glad you’re reading these. I may pick up one if it’s really good. Still, it’s too bad these opening issues are mostly set-up, because I know Morrison was jam a lot more goodness into each issue.

    Please, remember to add a link and cetegories if you can. Thanks!

  2. Well, I’d say DANCE has had the strongest opening issue. Fun, creative, clever but with a great deal of room for expansion, it’s got most everything you want – including someone shouting “I’m the Date Rape poster boy!” before turning into a giant monster.

    ESCAPE is probably the next on the list, especially if you’re a fan of shows like LOST. I don’t think ESCAPE is a bad book, I just think that it’s a bad book to read monthly unless you like being puzzled a lot trying to figure out what will happen.

    RUN! is just generic. Not bad, just bland.

    INK next week. We’ll see how it holds up.

  3. Yeah, and here I am just stoked that Batman and Robin #1 is almost here!

    Check out that GM interview on the main page.

    Nice “Glee” plug. That first episode was amazing! I have no idea why they put that after Idol. It’s not for that audience, probably not even for a FOC audience. I hope it survives, but wasn’t it you who talked about how if something is really, really good, it’ll get cancelled quickly?

    On a side note, I am rereading Seven Soldiers, and my god, was that series fantastic!

  4. Yeah. As a note, the reason I’ve been largely absent this week is… well, there are two.

    1) I only bought that one book. I have backlogs, but they aren’t vital to get to.

    2) I’ve used up m y bandwidth for the month, so until the 27th, I can only get only ewhen I’m at the library or eating somewhere with wireless.

    Should be back on board by Wednesday, though.

  5. I’m not sure what the hell that has to do with what I was talking about, but…

    That’s cool. I was wondering a bit, but we all have our busy times. You only bought that one book? Man, you’re either very disciplined or very picky. Well, or you’re broke, the cruelest of the reasons.

    At least you put up the one review. I don’t think DC has put up any lately.

  6. Didn’t have anything to do with anything, just thought I should mention.

    And it’s a little bit of all three. If I were rolling in cash, I would’ve picked up something that looked subpar, but if I’m being honest, this past week’s offerings seemed unpardonably weak to me.

  7. Subpar? I bought five comics (Should have been six, but my shop was shorted on Captain America) this week, and everything I read is awesome!

    Having said that, there weren’t any A’s last week, but there were a lot of B’s, and that’s ok.

    Come to think of it, I’ve only read one A this month. So, a B is usually as good as it gets.

  8. Why does your comment look weird? It’s even in the wrong place, and I can’t fix it.

    You got Captain America #50 and I couldn’t. That’s beautiful.

    You guys are both stupid. As I said, I bought five comics last week and they were all good…except for that huge wad of crap, Battle for the Cash Cow.

  9. His comment looked weird because instead of replying to the general box, he replied to a specific comment. Apparently, we can do threads now.

    As to the books…

    Mark Millar’s harping on the same god damn themes in every single book he touches got old, fast. He was fine back when he was an unknown, but now that he can do anything, it’s been revealed that he’ll just pretty much do the same thing over and over.

    Read the first book of The Boys, thought it was misogynistic garbage endeavoring to hide behind weak, broadly painted satire.

    Hulk is like Incredible Hercules if you took all of the characterization, plot, and fun out of Incredible Hercules. And if I’m already reading incredible Hercules, itself a book that’s on the chopping block come Wednesday Comics, why would I want to read a pale imitation of it?

    I don’t honestly know why I haven’t been able to really get into the current crop of X-writers. I actually tend to like Carey and Ellisquite excessively, but thus far, largely because of the ever-expanding, ill-conceived M-Day fallout, recent X-books have just left me cold.

  10. Ouch…the pain.

    What Millar book did you think I read? Wolverine comes out this week.

    What I read last week was:

    Invincible #62
    Hulk #12
    Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3
    The Boys: Herogasm #1
    Uncanny X-Men #510

    I read Poe #1 for free, but you can’t read that yet, and I should have read Captain America #50.

    As I said, none of the books were A’s, so I don’t feel extremely compelled to recommend them in these harsh economic times, but if it’s a-whoopin you’re a-wantin’…

    Invincible is a great series. I’d absolutely recommend that. Good art. Good writing. Solid superhero stuff.

    There was a time when I was reading both Hulk and Incredible Herc (Herc in trade), but now I’ll probably drop both soon. I’ve heard Herc has gotten worse, but even if it hasn’t, I’d rather read Hulk than Herc. Always go with the fluff with better art. Sure, the writing is better in Herc, but both books are entertaining and so, again, go with the fluff with better art.

    Never ever, ever read Battle for the Cowl.

    The Boys, as we’ve discussed before, is not “misogynistic garbage.” It is a satire of sorts, but it’s above “fuck superheroes.” In addition to criticizing heroes, it also criticizes the comic industry itself. Ennis makes good points, while maintaining an additional political agenda. On top of all of that, the characters, and art for that matter, are great!

    Uncanny X-Men is good. Sure, it has its flaws, most of which aren’t Fraction’s fault. Chief among them in this arc is the art of Greg Land, but still, Uncanny X-Men is better now than it’s been in a decade at least. Oh, and again, pick up the first Ellis/Bianchi Astonishing X-Men trade, when it comes out.

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  12. No. You read like the first two issues which…weren’t the best. That was when Brubaker was still on the book.

    Now, Fraction is flying solo, and, as I said, it has a lot of problems, but it is the best Uncanny X-Men has been in years.

    I hate weird-looking everything! Things should look more uniformed! White skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes for all!

    Too far?

  13. Well, Greg Land is only on half of the issues. He and Terry Dodson are trading off. Dodson is waaaaay better.

    However, both are much too cheesecake for what Fraction is trying to do. Fraction thought that the X-Men were a “sausage fest” when he took over. So, he’s putting a lot more women on the book.

    I like Brubaker too, but I can assure you, Brubaker is always the “weak-link” in the Fracker team. Usually that’s just because Fraction is doing more work. Already, Fraction’s run is better than Brubaker’s.

    “Saying Uncanny is the best it’s been in years is like saying “This is the best crap I’ve tasted in years!” I can’t ever remember a time when Uncanny was anything more than barely readable.”

    Yeah, but that doesn’t make what I said any less true. If you notice, I still rate Uncanny at about a B, but that’s still better than Uncanny has been in years.

    Check out the new Fraction/Dodson Uncanny trade if you don’t believe me.

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