Review: Secret Warriors #4

Secret Warriors #4

I want to talk about a crackpot theory, so let me get the issue out of the way, quick.

This is a breather issue. Daisy and Sebastian try to recruit a new member because of Yo-Yo’s tragedy last issue. Fury gets his Howling Commandos back in order, with plenty of “old friends” talk. J.T. and Alex invade Fury’s privacy. The “Hydra Cabal” (Has this group been named yet? Oh well, it’s a Dark Reign comic, so “Hydra Cabal” it is) plots their villainous deeds. Even though that may sound boring, it isn’t. I’m thoroughly onboard this series. It’s nice to see Hickman and Caselli improve every issue. I’m excited for the next issue because, literally, at the end of this, we get: “You’ve been patient, you’ve been kind. Next month, all hell breaks loose! It’s the Howling Commandos vs. Hydra vs. H.A.M.M.E.R.”

Ok, now onto something that piqued my interest. I knew that Fury and Strucker were parallels. Besides the whole nemesis business, you have their eyes as well. Fury lost his left eye, and Strucker lost his right. Also, they both view things in black and white terms. They’re willing to get the job done, no matter the cost. Already, in this series alone, one blew up their own base, population in the thousands, just to get rid of the Skrull problem. The other is using children to do his dirty work, a decision that has already crippled one of the kids. Again, heroes and villains have this thing going on all the time, but in this issue, we have some religious ties. The book that Stonewall is reading Yo-Yo is “Angels With Monster Feet. Monsters With Angel Wings.” Dum Dum tells Fury they’re doing “the lord’s work.” When Madame Hydra speaks of Nick Fury, Gorgon comments, “You speak of him as if  he were something other than a man.” Also, one of Hydra’s ancient headquarters is Gehenna. Lastly, Fury and Strucker both used the same codes (In issue #1 and #2). Fury is a Gemini and Strucker is a Sagittarius. I’m no expert on the Zodiac, but I do know that Gemini is a symbol of duality, and that Fury’s birthday could be on June sixth.

So, what does all of this nonsense mean? Well, some of it could be Apophenia, some of it could be Hickman’s intention, but only to be seen symbolically. Or, is it possible that Fury and Strucker are God and the Devil? Maybe I’m thinking of this because the Devil just popped up in Batman, but certainly there’s something big going on here, right? Anyway, this is quite possibly the Marvel title I’m currently most excited about.

Grade: B+

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One thought on “Review: Secret Warriors #4

  1. Very interesting observations, this English major thinks you might be on to something but I also think you might have missed the mark a little. The book’s title suggests that Fury while seeing himself as just is just as much of a monster as Baron in some ways.

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