Review: Power Girl 1


Okay, I’m late to the party.  It’s been a busy week and I am still catching up with last week’s comics.  Seventhsoldier already did a write-up of this book which can be read here.  I pretty much agree with everything he said.  So, why do another review?  Basically, I want to support this book.

Power Girl isn’t going to cure cancer.  It’s not going to redefine comics as a medium a laWatchmen.  No one’s going to have their mind blown.  It won’t make anyone’s top ten list of books you have to read.  But Power Girl has one thing going for it that is very rare in comic books these days.

Power Girl is a fun book.  The tone is light; from the writing to the art.  (And the art is gorgeous.)  Despite the lead characters convoluted back-ground, PG #1 is new-reader-friendly.  Everything you need to know is summarized on the first two pages.  And even if you skip the origin story, you’ll still be fine.

The star of this book is Amanda Conner.  I’ve always been a fan of her slightly cartoony style.  And it’s a perfect fit for the slightly cartoony Power Girl. 

Conner can do it all.  This issue calls on her to do action scenes and board room conversations.  The “talking heads” stuff is filled with expressive faces that really let you know what the characters are thinking.  The dialogue balloons are unnecessary.  And the action scenes are just, well, they’re fun, dammit!

It’s not a perfect book.  The issue is largely set-up as we meet the characters who will presumably make up Power Girl’s supporting cast.  And I found the writing to be unnecessarily wordy.  But at least it kept the book from being a quick read.

Overall, my complaints are minor.  I’m ready to overlook them in exchange for a book that is just plain fun.


7 thoughts on “Review: Power Girl 1

  1. I would somewhat agree with your review with the eception that i do not enjoy Amanda Conners art and wish that DC would not use her for the Super Hero line of comics. I feel she is much more suited for the childrens line of comics. I find her art stlye cartoonish and makes it very difficult to take the character seriously. It think Amanda would be more valuable as an artist on the cartoon network based line of comics.

  2. Ha! That’s funny. My first exposure to Conner was on The Pro, a book filled with nudity, hookers, and superhero condoms! So, it’s funny that you think she should draw the Johnny DC line. Speaking of, the Johnny DC line has recently lost some of its staff and is having problems. That’s probably why the last issue of Ambush Bug hasn’t shipped yet.

    To me, and I don’t even read the book, Conner is perfect for Power Girl. She handles her expressions extremely well, and she somehow is able to make her boobs both salacious and subtle.

  3. If memory serves, I first discovered Amanda Conner on Vampirella…

    What?!? Harris had some great writers on Vampirella. Grant Morrison’s Vampirella kicked ass.

    Anyway, that’s yet another book where her cartoony style kind muted the over-the-top T&A.

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