Review: Invincible Iron Man #13

Invincible Iron Man #13


I love Matt Fraction’s writing. I don’t love Salvador Larroca’s art. I just don’t like his style. Don’t get me wrong, he renders machines wonderfully. If this series was about the suits, Larroca would be fine, but Fraction is writing about the characters. This story is about Tony, Pepper, and Maria. Each of those characters has their own distinct voice, and it’s a lot of fun to read about their adventures. But just to be clear, no matter how good Fraction’s writing is, Larroca’s art hinders this book.

On the bright side, I still love this arc. We’re only about halfway through, which makes this one of the longest Iron Man stories, but it will probably be one of the best. Besides handling the characters brilliantly, Fraction’s also throwing every villain he can at poor Tony. No matter how great or obscure, just about everyone who’s tackled the “Golden Avenger” is making an appearance. Some of the more obscure villains are getting modern updates, like the Controller. It’s always nice to see lame villains cause fear.

Invincible Iron Man is one of the few books right now that’s using the new “Dark Reign” status quo effectively. The fact that Fraction is able to pull off a great Iron Man story while servicing Marvel’s current event is impressive. Don’t let the Larroca art repel you, stay for the great characters.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Invincible Iron Man #13

  1. I haven’t been reading Invincible Iron Man because I dislike Iron Man, but I love Larroca’s art. I guess I can see people not liking it, but I’ve always thought his art was really good.

  2. That’s fine. In general, I’m not a fan of computer stuff. Greg Land, Greg Horn, every artist named Greg, Clayton Crain, and Salvador Larroca are the guys I can name off the top of my head. The work just looks cold and processed, devoid of life and energy. Oh sure, some of it can look beautiful, especially the splash pages, but in general, on a storytelling basis, I am not a fan.

    Oh, the celebrity references don’t help either.

    Plus, if you do like the art, I’d recommend the first trade. Yes, it’s a pro-Tony book, but he’s hardly a god. Tony Stark is a flawed man, and Fraction realizes that. In both the first trade and the current arc, you’re witnessing Tony’s fall from grace. The first arc is about Tony’s nightmares, and the current arc is pretty much about those nightmares becoming real.

    His brain is being erased as we speak.

  3. Well, see, it isn’t that I dislike the character for the things he did during Civil War and after, it’s just that I dislike Iron Man, to an extent, as a concept. I read Iron Man for a little while when it was under the “Initiative” banner, and it just bored me. Iron Man isn’t interesting to me, and with my dislike of his actions as well, I can’t see myself buying the first trade. Plus, while I like Larroca, I wouldn’t buy a book just for his art. I don’t think I want to buy any comic just because the art is something I like. Sure, that can help, but, well. I like McGuinness and read Hulk, but I stopped reading it because the story was so godawful. Oh, sorry, I know you like it. Anyway, the point is that for me, comics, being more than just pretty pictures, need to have at least a decent story and at least passable art for me to want to read it. For IIM, I don’t care about the story. I mean, I know there are other good comics I just don’t want to read. I read Cap, but that bored me. I realize it was good, but it wasn’t interesting to me, so I stopped. Should I really try picking up the first trade?

  4. Oh, absolutely. I’m the same way. You may not realize this, but I too don’t follow artists.

    I used your Larroca fandom as a selling point because that way, at the very worst, you’d have some pretty art to look at. Now that, I have bought comics on before.

    Yes, there are a lot of great comics out there, and it is possible that Iron Man may not be your thing, but honestly, if I was going to start any new reader on good Iron Man, I’d go there.

    It’s very accessible. There’s a reason why Jon Favreau flew Fraction out to LA to talk Iron Man 2 after he read the first arc.

    And, once again, on the bright side, you would have some Larroca art to look forward too. He’s already rendered 13 issues and there’s no sign of stopping.

    The first trade, which contains seven issues, can be found on Amazon for 14 bucks.

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