Review: Irredeemable #2

Irredeemable #2


Those who complained about the first issue having “too much action” and “not enough substance,” should be much happier with Irredeemable’s second issue, an issue that has almost no action and is all about substance. It’s only natural that a book supposedly all about Internet insults has already gotten quite a few. Really, why would you ever complain about lack of substance or too much action in an ongoing series’ first issue? Well, Mark Waid, determined to quickly deflect the Internet’s barrage, is already getting the Plutonian’s Superman connection out of the way. This issue pokes fun at the Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman love triangle. It’s very wise of Waid to get this stuff out of the way, quick.

Unfortunately, that means that Irredeemable still seems to be about “Superman Gone Bad,” but even if that’s all it is, what’s so bad about that? Waid loves Superman. He’s presenting Superman stories that only exist in the “What Should Have Been” file. I’ve wanted to see Superman tales like this. They’re about realistic consequences of fictional mistakes. Waid’s writing is flawless. He handles every character and situation with professional ease. Everything is executed perfectly.

Peter Krause continues to handle the art chores well. The bright, optimistic view of the past and the dark, apocalyptic view of the future both continue to add a nice touch to the book. Krause also renders the characters and storytelling wonderfully. Last issue was all about action and this issue was all about emotion. Krause hasn’t missed an artistic beat.

Though Waid’s still setting things up, I’m already excited about this book. The big twist at the end involves a character introduced in this very issue, and yet the impact is still powerful. Though not as heart-pounding as last issue, the second issue still manages to give you your money’s worth, and then some.

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