Review: Uncanny X-Men #509

Uncanny X-Men #509


This book continues to suffer from the same problems. The most recognizable, is its inability to move the plot forward. This is a prime example of why Indie comics can be so much better then mainstream ones. When you have to service so much continuity, and more team members than the JSA, you have problems telling a story.

I hate to bring it up because so many people kick him, but Land’s art really bothered me, here. Photo references aside, the comic looks so damn mechanical. Fraction writes characters well, and really, at the heart of it all, the X-Men are about characters. So, when you have everything looking so cold and stationary, it really hinders the comic’s quality. Why can’t Daniel Acuna replace Land? He’s worked with Fraction before, on the X-Men, and he draws beautiful women. Please, Marvel?

What does occur in this issue has me excited. I’m interested in the Sisterhood. What they’ve done so far intrigues me. They’ve already switched Psylocke’s body. Who else are they going to try that on?

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