DC July Solicits + Commentary



Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis raise the dead in the most anticipated comics story of the year! Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. But to what end? As the War of Light rages on, the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends upon us, with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps at the center of it all.

I recently posted a semi-serious rant about Blackest Night, so I won’t bother repeating myself.  You can read all the snarkiness here.  Look, I’m sure Blackest Night will be the greatest thing since Starfire hit puberty.  Maybe it’s just because we’re still getting Final Crisis tie-ins, but I am already suffering Blackest Night fatigue.



The official prologue to BLACKEST NIGHT starts here as the first Black Lantern is born! Black Hand has been an enemy of Hal Jordan since Hal’s early days as a Green Lantern. But even Black Hand is unaware of the true power he holds that will connect him to the Blackest Night! Discover this villain’s connection to death and the Black Lantern Corps!

If this is the start of the officialprologue, what have I been reading about in Green Lantern for the last year or so?  The unofficial pre-amble to the prologue?  I can’t wait for the Blackest Nigtht Aftermath mini-series.  Hopefully Aquazombie gets one.



“Emerald Eclipse” hits its shocking conclusion leading directly into BLACKEST NIGHT. The sciencell riot causes a new law to be doctored into the Book of Oa as Kyle and Guy fight against it. What fate awaits the honor guards, and who will be left standing from the riot that shook Oa to its core?

I really hope that by the end of Blackest Night, someone has overthrown the Guardians.  Seriously?  Another new law?  Is that because the Alpha Lanterns worked out so well?  Maybe you guys should take a recess before you scribble any more half-baked laws in the Book of Oa.  Before this is all said and done, I see the Guardians passing a ban on gay marriages, legalizing water boarding and passing the cosmic equivalent of the Patriot Act.  The little blue guys are never right these days.  And the Sciencecells are getting to be easier to break out of than Arkham Asylum.



In this 3-issue miniseries, writers Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi(GREEN LANTERN CORPS) reveal the secrets behind the Lanterns of BLACKEST NIGHT! Bear witness to Blue Lantern Saint Walker’s pilgrimage of hope, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris’ sacrifice for love, Green Lantern Kilowog’s courageous beginnings, Red Lantern Vice’s source of rage, Orange Lantern Blume’s bizarre creation, and the first appearance of the mysterious Indigo, leader of the Indigo Tribe!

My favorite part of this cover is the Carol Ferris “camel toe” in the lower right hand corner.  Barely covered crotches are classy!

With Blackest Night 1, two issues of Green Lantern and GL Corp and now this, we’ve got 8 issues of Blackest Night to read in July.  At $4 a pop, this just screams out “Skip me – I’m supplemental material!”



I like to give DC a hard time.  Because,well, they do a lot of stupid things.  But Wednesday Comics looks like the best idea since putting Starfire in a thong.  (More on that later, Starfire fans.)



You really have to wonder what DC was thinking here.  I mean, I liked Final Crisis for what it was.  But it really didn’t hold up to fans’ expectations of what a big, event comic should be.  It dragged on way past it’s original schedule and it had a bunch of tie-ins that were pretty much unrelated to the main story.  So what’s DC do?  They try to sell us on four 6-issue mini-series focusing on bit players from Final Crisis.  Brilliant!

(By the way, these minis might be great.  I’ll probably sample each one.  I featured the picture from Dance because it looks like the most fun.)



“Batman Reborn” continues with the reteaming of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, WE3, New X-Men)! In a blazing Gotham City police department, the new Batman and Robin face the bizarre, fighting freakshow that is the Circus of Strange and find that they don’t make as good a team as Batman had hoped! Meanwhile, the mysterious Sasha escapes from Professor Pyg and vows vengeance on the people who killed her father.

This is about as close to a sure-thing as you can get.  The only team-up with more star power would have to be Frank Miller and Jim Lee on Batman.  And everyone loves that, right?  Uh-oh!  Well, hopefully this one will live up to everyone’s sky-high expectations.  It can’t be worse than All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, right?  I mean, at least the title is like 1/3 as long.  That’s got to count for something.


There may be a new Batman in Gotham City, but that doesn’t mean the city wants him. As Two-Face and Penguin take measures to keep the new Dark Knight at bay, one of the archvillains makes a startling discovery about the new Caped Crusader. Plus, Batman trains the new Robin, and Mark Bagley starts a 4-issue stint as guest artist!

The only thing that fans have been clamoring for more than Morrison and Quietly on Batman is the return of Judd Winick.  Yeah, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.  The truth is, I kind of liked “Under the Hood” until we got to the part with all the Superboy punches.  But since that time, it seems like Winick has been doing his best to prove his critics right.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s a full blown hack these days.  I really hope he proves me wrong on Batman.  But I’m not expecting much after reading his Titans (or Green Arrow and Black Canary).


In this second issue by the dynamic duo of Paul Dini (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN), Commissioner Gordon teams with the new Batman to combat the fiery threat that Firefly has spread across Gotham City. And to make matters worse, the mysterious adversary known only as Abuse makes his presence felt!

DC’s trying to sell me a lot of Bat-books these days.  And while I like this creative team, there’s just not a lot about this book that’s grabbing my attention.  Commissioner Gordon and Firefly?  Look, DC, I’m going to buy Blackest Night and Batman and Robin.  I’m reading a lot of the Superman books and for some reason I keep punishing myself by reading JLA.  So if you want to try to make a sale here, you’ve really got to do better than Commissioner Gordon and Firefly.  I don’t care if the book is written by Shakespeare and drawn by Picaso… well, okay, that I would read.  But you get the point.  This just feels ho-hum.


“Elegy” part 2 of 4 by Greg Rucka and JH Williams III! Batwoman captures her enemy, a madwoman known only as Alice who sees her life as a fairy tale and everyone around her as expendable extras – including Kate! But when the tables are turned, Batwoman finds herself in a hallucination slamming the present into a collision with the past, and the hints of a threat that will claim the lives of every man, woman and child in Gotham City.
    And in the all-new co-feature starring the Question, Montoya’s quest to find a missing young girl turns deadly.

This is it, DC.  This is officially your last chance to convince me that I should give a damn about Batwoman.  Fortunately, the preview art is amazing.  And I’m a sucka for Rucka (You like that, Seventh Soldier?  I’m having T-shirts made).  So the odds are in your favor. 



Tommy Elliott, a.k.a. the villainous mastermind known as Hush, has escaped the confines of Batman’s headquarters and is wreaking havoc throughout Gotham City all under the guise of Bruce Wayne. Will the loose assemblage of Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn be enough to stop the madman’s rampage? Or are Gotham’s femmes fatales doomed to fail before they even begin?
Look, I appreciate a top-down shot of Catwoman’s cleavage as much as the next guy, but Gotham City Sirens?  It just feels like Harley and Ivy all over again.  Or worse, Harley and Catwoman Jr. from Countdown (which was also written by Dini).  This has all the makings of a train wreck.  But, it also looks like it’s the follow-up to Dini’s “Heart of Hush” storyline.  And that story won me over in spite of my hatred of Hush.  So, I’ll give it a shot.  Just try not to turn this book into a “fun romp”, okay?


Red Robin continues scouring the world, searching for clues to Bruce Wayne’s final fate in this new series from writer Chris Yost (New X-Men, X-Force) and artist Ramon Bachs (Civil War: Front Line)! But now he’s been targeted by the League of Assassins. What does Ra’s al Ghul want with Red Robin? Why are members of the League of Assassins being targeted for death? And what happened to the life Red Robin left behind? Spoiler guest-stars as “Batman Reborn” continues here in “The Grail” part 2 of 4.

Wow, that does not look good.  How about we all agree to leave the League of Assassins alone for a while, mmmkay?  First there was the one-year-later Robin with Cassandra Cain leading the League.  And it was all downhill from there until we got to the Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul.  (Which is a storyline I think more people would be complaining about if it didn’t come out around the same time as Amazons Attack! and Countdown.)  Speaking of Countdown, hey look, it’s Red Robin!  Craptastic!


“The Deep” part 6! Against their will, the Outsiders help the Insiders find the last pieces of the meteorite which will restore the immortality of the Insiders once and for all. But a fateful choice has to be made by Geo-Force that will lead to a life-changing moment for him and Katana. Plus, more on the mysterious origins of Metamorpho and his connection to the Insiders.

Huh.  That doesn’t sound half bad.  Here’s the thing, those Batman RIP issues were horrible.  I’m talking Judd Winick on Titans bad.  That combined with a line-up that doesn’t interest me at all pretty much chased me off this book.  Should I give it another chance?  I’ll make you a deal.  If one person posts a comment saying that they like this book, I’ll read the next issue.

Bueller?   Bueller?

ACTION COMICS #879action-8791

So far, Nightwing and Flamebird’s mission of apprehending Zod’s sleeper agents has gone fairly smoothly. But then they met Az-Rel and Nadira Va-Dim. Now the “Bonnie and Clyde of Krypton” have turned the tables on Earth’s newest protectors. The race to prevent war with New Krypton may be over before it’s even begun! And it’s all in preparation for next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books!
    Plus: The debut of the Captain Atom co-feature written by Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS) and James Robinson (STARMAN), the writers of SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON! Where has Captain Atom been all this time? And is he back on the side of good – or still on the side of evil? Find out here in an adventure featuring art by Cafu (VIXEN: RETURN OF THE LION).

Remember me?  The Sucka for Rucka?  Well, the first two issues of Rucka’s run on Action haven’t exactly won me over yet.  Not that they were bad, just that they are clearly setting a lot of things up.  So, we’ll see.  The big thing that has me sort of excited about this issue is the Captain Atom back-up.  Is it wrong of me to get my hopes up that DC will finally do something right with this character?  Yeah, probably.


As media mogul Morgan Edge fans the flames of Earth’s distrust of all things alien, Mon-El wrestles with his looming demise and what to do with his remaining life. At the same time, forces from the future must prevent Mon-El from meeting Sodam Yat – the Green Lantern from Daxamknown as Ion – for the sake of tomorrow. And General Lane rolls out his plan to ensnare our hero by lining up a vicious crew of villains – but to do this, Steel must fall. It’s a wild ride setting up next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books!

To tell the truth, I haven’t been reading Superman since Mon-El took over.  I tried to make myself read it, but it’s like trying to eat brussel sprouts.  I just can’t.  But, I may just plunk down a few bucks to see Steel vs. Atlas.  Even if things don’t look so hot for Steel.  (Hey DC, how about a Steel back-up?)



Things are going well for Supergirl – she’s back on New Krypton, and she’s even managing to patch things up with her mother, Alura. But when she goes to visit her older cousin, Superman warns her that not all is as it seems in the House of El…

It does my heart good to see so many people climbing aboard the Supergirl bandwagon.  Surely you’re reading it, aren’t you?  Well why the hell not?  I know Supergirl was an unreadable pile of crap for years.  But those days are done, my friend.  Buy this book.  I guarantee, it’s better than some other book you’re holding on to in hopes it will someday stop sucking.


Superman is on trial for his life. The crime: Treason! The punishment: Death! But is this a challenge Kal-El can even hope to triumph over when the man pulling all the strings is General Zod? A tale of heroism, evil and base betrayal – on the strange world of New Krypton.

First of all, how much does that cover kick ass?  A whole dam lot, I say.

As the only Super-book starring Superman, Worlds of New Krypton kind of feels like the only one that really matters.  Thank goodness it’s been a great read.  If you only read one Superman book, read Worlds of New Krypton.  And Supergirl.  (Technically, it’s not a Superman book.)



“Day of Death” part 2! Booster Gold travels back in time to prevent the Black Beetle from killing the New Titans, but who will save Booster Gold from the Black Beetle — and what role will Deathstroke play?
    And in the all-new Blue Beetle co-feature, Jaime must battle a flying robot army from destroying all of the people in El Paso!

This one just makes me feel guilty.  I was a big supporter of Booster Gold during Geoff Johns’ run and I promised myself I’d read a few issues after he left.  But I lied to myself.  As much fun as Booster Gold is, it’s also disconnected from the rest of the DCU.  Which makes it fairly skippable.  Honestly, I kind of forgot about it.

To make matter worse, I’ve got a reminder here that I failed to support the Bkue Beetle series.  I read the first few issues, but somehow it just never grabbed me.  I guess I’ll try to atone by picking up this issue and seeing if either story grabs me.


There’s nothing Blue Beetle loves more than a good team-up. And there’s nothing Hardware hates more than a meddler! Can the two of them network long enough to stop dangerous Alva technology from hitting the streets?

Wake me when JMS gets here.  Until then, this book doesn’t matter.



Barry Allen left a legacy that thrived after his death. Now his return threatens it all. What secrets does Barry hold inside him about the fate of the Flash Family? What destiny awaits Wally and his twins? What murderous force targets Bart Allen? And what does it truly mean to be a speedster?

Look Geoff Johns, you convinced me to read about Hal Jordan.  Can’t you just be satisfied with that?  Stop trying to push Barry Allen on me!  The first issue of Rebirth was okay.  But I’m a long way from sold. 



They say you always hurt the ones you love. But in Romeo’s case, he may have taken that a little too far and accidentally killed Whisper! That could mean a one-way ticket back to hell for Romeo and possibly the end of the world for everybody else. But Romeo might still have a chance to set things right…if he doesn’t die from a broken heart first!

What the hell is a dead Romeo anyway?  Seriously, is this a DCU book?  Did I miss out on the Dead Romeo bandwagon?  If you’re going to put out books like these, could you at least try to promote them?  Come on.  This thing could be good, but it’s so far off the radar.  If it goes more than 12 issues, I’ll be amazed.


The rift between Black Canary and Green Arrow widens as Discord and Cupid attack! And joining the creative team is finisher Bill Sienkiewicz (REIGN IN HELL) on the Green Arrow section…with Josef Rubinstein staying on the Black Canary sections of the new GREEN ARROW & BLACK CANARY!
Don’t miss the start of the action-packed co-features in this very issue!

I like Green Arrow.  But I’ve always been more of a Black Canary fan.  And you know what really pisses me off?  When writers treat Black Canary like she’s a rank amateur.  And Andrew Kreisberg has done exactly that since his first issue.  In my book, Cupid was stupid.  (You know it’s true because it rhymes.)  And Discord is just one more smack in the face to all of us Black Canary fans.  It’s almost enough to make you wish Winick was still writing this book.  New writer, please!


I just read some quotesfrom Dwayne McDuffie about wring Justice League and they go a long way to explaining why this book sucks.  Knock it off DC!  I love the JLA.  Let your writer write the damn book!


A reinvigorated Kobra has attacked the Justice Society in their home, thrusting the heroes into a maelstrom of deception and violence, and the evidence points to an even bigger target on the horizon: S.T.A.R. Labs. As the Justice Society tracks Kobra sleeper cells through the streets of Metropolis, the mystery of Jason Burr’s master plan deepens. Can the team defuse the threat in time – or will the growing tensions between them spell victory for Kobra?

My money’s on the JSA this time…

Look, I love the JSA.  I do.  See.  But do we really need this?  I mean, if it’s a great story, why not just put it in the on-going series.  Making it a mini-series makes it seem pretty irrelevant.



What brings a team together? Justice! Batman and Martian Manhunter have been slaughtered. But he’s not the only hero to fall at the hands of villains. The murder has to stop, and it’s time to take the fight to the bad guys! Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Atom, Shazam, Congorilla and Starman unite in a cry for justice!
    This 6-part miniseries from James Robinson (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) and rising star artist Mauro Cascioli (TRIALS OF SHAZAM) pushes our heroes to the brink and beyond as evil can no longer be tolerated to win. But when Prometheus plans his revenge on not only the heroes, but on the very places they call home, will this new team be ready to pay the cost for the justice they seek? This time it’s personal – and it’ll only get more bloody before it’s over!

This had better be the best damn JLA story since Morrison’s Magnificent Seven.  Because this book has been responsible for derailing a whole bunch of stories across the DCU for about a year now.  Yes, the art looks amazing.  The line-up is… interesting.  The premis is… well, it’s not exactly new, is it?  In James Robinson we trust.  Don’t let us down.



A new era begins for the Justice Society of America as writers Bill Willingham (FABLES) and Matthew Sturges (BLUE BEETLE) take over the series with new artist Jesus Merino (SUPERMAN ANNUAL) just as two new recruits make their debut with the team! Strange happenings at the JSA Mansion are weird precursors to an all-out attack on all members of the team — all but one! And what is the strange connection that new members King Chimera and All-American Kid might have with the turmoil?

Of course, I’m going to be checking this out.  I love the JSA, remember?


Enter the League of Titans! Buddy Baker is cracking up, but can he rely on a little help from his friends? Or should a wounded animal just slink away to die? Starfire has an opinion on the subject, and she’s never been one to keep her feelings to herself…

I never read Grant Morrison’s Animal Man.  So most of what I know of him comes from 52.  I tried reading the 52 follow-up but I couldn’t really get into it.  This could be good.  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll give it a look.


It’s the striking conclusion of the first arc from the fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy  Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) and artist Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA)! Power Girl battles Ultra-Humanite! And things get ugly as the two powerful beings come to blows!

I’m going to do my best to write this entry without making any boob jokes.  Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jimmy  Palmiotti and Justin Gray.  They are okay, but I can’t say I’eve evr loved anything they’ve ever written.  I am a fan of Power Girl.  I feel she has enormous… potential.  (Dammit!)  And I love Amanda Conner.  So, I’m pretty much sold through this first story arc.


A former Wonder Woman is now a slave? That’s just the first shock as the Secret Six face a new enemy with a heart of ice and an entire country at his command! All this plus the return of Mockingbird! It’s all heading towards a confrontation against one of DC’s biggest powerhouses, and the Six don’t stand a chance…

If I could read only one comic book, it would be Secret Six.  This book delivers the goods each and every month.  I’m also a closet Artemis fan (yes, I read Artimis: Requiem – I admit it).  So, this is a no-brainer for me.



In the first feature, the team attempts to rescue Wonder Girl from the new Fearsome Five, as Calculator enacts his revenge on the team for not protecting his children. In the 10-page co-feature, Ravager faces the drug problem that could kill her!

I want to like the Teen Titans.  I really do.  But this book went off the rails for me back when they killed Marvin.  I guess I’m glad to see them finally follow-up on that senseless and brutal death.  I mean, it’s been 11 issues.  I just don’t think DC will allow this book to be good.



Prelude to BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS! Tempest returns! And how will his arrival affect the Titans? The last page not only answers this question, but will have fans buzzing.

At long last, the Return of Starfire’s ass!  I know that fans have been buzzing about this.  I know because WordPress provides a list of the top searches that brough people to your blog.  And almost everyday, someone comes to read/RANT because they googled “Starfire naked.”  And if I know this, you bet your ass (or Starfire’s) that DC knows it too.  This issue is drawn by Ed Benes, so you know it will feature tons of gratuitous shots of Starfire’s ass while also managing to show her ample bosom.  You know we will be treated to Donna Troy’s porn star tits barely being contained in her unitard.  And once Raven get’s her double-D implants, we can look forward to plenty of shots her bending over in such a way that her tits and ass will both be in our faces at the same time.

Oh, and Tempest is back.



“Birds of Paradise” part 1 of 2! After the status-shattering events of WONDER WOMAN #33, the world’s most sensational team reunites, as Wonder Woman and Black Canary go undercover among some of the worst villains of the DC universe! It’s gonna be a bad day for some bad men when the two toughest women in comics join forces!

I’m a Gail Simone fan.  I am.  Loved her on Birds of Prey.  Love her more on Secret Six.  But I’m not in love with her Wonder Woman.  It’s been okay.  But, it’s not living up to my expectations.

However, I will absolutely be on board for this two-parter!  Hell yeah!  Simone writing Black Canary again!  Thank you!  Thankyouthankyouthankyou!  This just might rinse the bad taste from GA/BC out of my mouth.

Well, that’s it for this month.  Keep coming back for more updates.  read/RANT posts new content almost daily.

7 thoughts on “DC July Solicits + Commentary

  1. This comment will be long…and hard (Damn it! There were so many sex jokes in here you’ve got me thinking that way).

    “My favorite part of this cover is the Carol Ferris “camel toe” in the lower right hand corner. Barely covered crotches are classy!”

    That’s not camel toe. Although, that is revealing enough to know that Carol shaves, or at least has a strip or something.

    “This issue is drawn by Ed Benes, so you know it will feature tons of gratuitous shots of Starfire’s ass while also managing to show her ample bosom.”

    Yeah, I found out why Billy’s Titans review is so popular, too. It’s so sad. Billy posted that because he was making fun of it, but instead, it serves as the perverted capital of our site. Why did you even post Benes art? It just makes me sad for the whole medium. Can Benes just draw porn already? Or, can DC open up a pornography line of comics. Just an outlet for all the smut, so I won’t have to see gratuitous nudity anymore?

    “I never read Grant Morrison’s Animal Man.”

    Oh, please do. I’m not going to hype it, just read it.

    “Before this is all said and done, I see the Guardians passing a ban on gay marriages, legalizing water boarding and passing the cosmic equivalent of the Patriot Act.”

    Um, we probably shouldn’t post political stuff. That was funny, though. I think you just lost our Alabama readers. Also, these laws were all mentioned in Sienstro Corps remember. They made like ten new laws, and they’ve been slowly revealed since then.

    “This is officially your last chance to convince me that I should give a damn about Batwoman.”

    I saw Rucka talk about this, and it’s kind of sad. Batwoman’s first appearance wasn’t in 52. It was in a newspaper. It’s also the source that outed her as a lesbian. And that’s all Batwoman had been able to be, “A gay woman dressed like Batman.” Even though she’s been around for years, Rucka has never gotten a chance to give her any substance.

    Nice job on the link to the main page. I’ll have to start doing that on all my review, I guess. Oh, I’ve been posting links on forums, too. Your JSA review isn’t in the top posts, but it’s still gotten over fifty views. That’s pretty awesome. Let’s keep it up!

  2. You know, that Titans cover isn’t actually Benes. I forget who it was, but Benes just draws the interior art. So it will probably be more gratitous than the cover. He did draw the Tales of the Corps cover though.

    And, yes, I realize that isn’t actually “camel toe”. But it sounded funnier that way.

    Yeah, Billy’s Titans review is consistently one of the top posts just because he included pages of Starfire nude. Oh well. It was a funny review of a book that deserves the derision. Hopefully, with us promoting the site, we can get attention for more than naked Titans.

    And if not, I’ll include naked Titans in every article!

  3. Oh yeah, and I saw the same interview with Rucka about Batwoman. I have little doubt we will finally get to see what the fuss was all about.

  4. “You know, that Titans cover isn’t actually Benes. I forget who it was, but Benes just draws the interior art. So it will probably be more gratitous than the cover. He did draw the Tales of the Corps cover though.”

    Oh, I know. My eyes didn’t bleed while viewing the Titans cover.

    I wish you covered the previous Batman solicit. The one that read:

    Written by Judd Winick

    Illustrated by Ed Benes

    Cover by Tony Daniel

    Kill me now!

    “And, yes, I realize that isn’t actually “camel toe”. But it sounded funnier that way.”

    What’s worse? Drawing an outfit where you can tell if the girl shaves, or actually drawing camel toe?

    I don’t know, but you should have been accurate. Everything is accurate on the Internet.

    “And if not, I’ll include naked Titans in every article!”

    My God, that’s Benes’ reasoning!

    “You know Ed, that Starfire doesn’t look very good.”

    Benes redraws her naked.

    “That looks GREAT! You’re hired!”

    Read Morrison’s Animal Man!

  5. Wow! So, I’ve never actually looked at our blog stats before (Congratulations! We broke a thousand yesterday), but I checked it out after you mentioned that the top search was starfire naked. The search results were interesting. My favorite way they found our site was “girl fucking old man.” What post was that? Anyway, remember how I said your DC March Solicits got a lot of hits? THAT’S BECAUSE YOU JUST MENTIONED STARFIRE NAKED!!! You made a joke about how everyone just drew Starfire naked in Titans, and that’s the fucking reason! My God, I’m so ashamed of comic fans right now. I should put “Starfire naked” in every post!

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