Review: Green Lantern #40

Green Lantern #40


Whew! For a minute there, I thought Green Lantern was entering the realm of New Avengers, when it was taken over by Skrulls. You see, those issues felt like Wiki entries, with pictures. Green Lantern’s last arc, “Rage of the Red Lanterns,” felt a lot like that, too. But with this issue, and the last one, Geoff Johns is back on track. Which is great, because this book makes me happy.

This issue is packed with info, and yet it still manages to move the plot forward, establish some villains, and service some subplots.  The issue begins with some Fatality background, something that is informative and foreshadows some events that take place later. Some of those events occur in this issue, like the addition of another new law. With that law, marks the return of the police-like actions of the corps. After all, this book could be titled “Space Cops.” Hal Jordan and John Stewart assume the role of buddy cops. Remember, Hal has a blue ring now, too. He’s trying to think of his “happy thought.” Did anybody get that Hook reference? Then, things go bad. We learn the secret of Agent Orange, here. Questions like: “What are those ghost-like constructs?” are answered. I’m pleased with the explanation. It certainly makes Agent Orange a force to be reckoned with, but hey, there’s only one Orange Lantern, so he has to be powerful, right? We’re also treated to a brief, backup story. I can’t tell you what it’s about because I’m doing everything I can not to spoil things. I can, however, inform you that the backup is not drawn by Philip Tan.

Speaking of Philip Tan, what do you guys and gals (I hope) think of his art? He’s one of the big rising stars of DC, right now. He’s supposed to even be part of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin, along with Frank Quitely and Doug Mahnke. I’m surprisingly pleased with his art. It’s not really my style. It looks a little too 90’s, and I hate 90’s comics. But I’m fond of Tan. His work was perfectly suited for his previous high-profile project, Final Crisis: Revelations. He’s definitely got that post-Jim Lee look going on, which seems to fit well with the streets. Now, he’s drawing aliens in space, and I’m still happy. He designed most, if not all, of the Orange Lanterns, and they look pretty badass.

There’s definitely some good stuff, here. I know we’re all jumping at the bit for Blackest Night to arrive already, but “Agent Orange” is enough to keep me satisfied, until then.


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