DC’s Blackest Night

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How am I not sick of this crap yet? All of the colors, t-shirts, and the fact that this is basically DC’s version of zombies, haven’t really worn me down yet. I’m actually looking forward to the event. I am a bit upset that we’ll receive a gang of tie-ins. I was quite pleased with the Final Crisis situation, but conversely, there was a lot of negative feedback for that series in general, so I suppose DC saw that as a reason to give us more tie-ins! So, I’ll probably just stick to GL and the main mini. Though a bit silly, this is undeniably the best time to be a Green Lantern fan.

Oh, and good for DC for offering Blackest Night #0 for free. That was a class move.

Edit: We got this now, too.

Who’s hands are those?

Aquaman? No, he came back in Final Crisis, silly.

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