Should I Read Power Girl?

I’m torn. I love Amanda Conner’s art, but I’ve never been one to buy comics solely on art. I haven’t read much from Palmiotti & Grey. I read Claws, which I, um…bought for the art, and it was just fun fluff. Other books, like Hulk, give me enough fun fluff. I didn’t read Terra. I thought about buying that in trade, but no trade has come out. So, I wonder if one big trade containing: Terra, the first Power Girl arc, and that Supergirl issue will come out someday. I don’t read enough books starring females, but, then again, Power Girl isn’t really the book to get a dose of feminine power, is it? Oh well, at least this has been a half-assed excuse to post some chessecake Power Girl covers, right?

7 thoughts on “Should I Read Power Girl?

  1. I knew this year I was gonna buy the Spider-Woman ongoing series. But then I heard about Power-Girl getting her own. I like the character, for the wrong reasons, and at the time I figured it would be nothing but cheesecake. But after I read the preview for PG#1, I felt more confident that they were gonna take this project seriously, I hope.

    I also love how her costume has evolved and they’ve gotten rid of the circle hole. Since her costume has visible seams they’ve just lined up the opening along them. Now the chest opening works with the outfit quite nicely.

    I say buy it cause it needs all the support it can get.

  2. True, but damn it, man, there are just too many great comics! I just finally got around to reading From Hell, a book that is far superior to PG, even if it goes to issue #500. However, I really don’t get to see Conner’s art often enough. In fact, I think the only thing I own is The Pro. In trade form, I mean. I could wait for the trade, I suppose. Yeah, that’s probably the ticket.

    Thanks for reading, or in this case, drooling over pretty boobies. Oh, just in case you don’t know, this is actually a review site. If you hit that Frank Cho art at the top of the page, you can read hundreds of comic reviews, with new content added almost daily!

  3. That’s not fair, comparing a book that’s at #500 and PG isn’t even out yet? :p

    For me, it’s not about how great the comic is, or isn’t. It’s about supporting a new ongoing book with a female lead.
    I also wanna see her cut loose, she is Kryptonian after all, supposedly on the same level as Superman. And what better city to prove your worth as a super-hero than in NYC, a city that’s been to hell and back countless times.

  4. What? No, I said that Alan Moore’s From Hell would still be a better comic even if Power Girl went to issue #500.

    Um, for me, it is about how great a comic is, or isn’t. I thought that was mostly the point of reading comics? Oh sure, there are times when I buy something I know won’t be very good because it’s an event, or a character or creator I like.

    Supporting female leads is great. I’ve been reading Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman lately, and that’s been pretty good. Like I said, I’ll probably try Power Girl, and even Spider-Woman, in trade.

  5. It’s not at #500, oops my bad. I have such great reading skills (oie vey).

    I’ve been keeping up with Wonder Woman also. issue 31 was great.

  6. Yeah, apparently I will be buying Power Girl. Maybe even in floppy form. Thanks for the comments.

    Hey, you do know we have other reviews and stuff here, right? Just click that Frank Cho art at the top.

    Please, check it out!

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