Review: Detective Comics #853

Detective Comics #853


“Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” is a wonderful tale, about paying homage to seventy years of storytelling while providing a new, unique tale that gets to the core of what Batman is really all about. It’s masterfully drawn by Andy Kubert and…wait? This isn’t written by Grant Morrison? Yes, as I talked about in my previous review, this arc is very much in the style of Morrison’s run.

So, story-wise, if you loved Morrison’s run, you’ll probably love this. If you didn’t, for now…courage. Really, and I’m sure Neil Gaiman would agree, the art is the star here. This is easily Andy Kubert’s best work. He completely nails everything here, from the technical aspects like storytelling and tone, to the multiple artistic references. Just about every artist who’s ever made his mark on Batman is part of this book, but Kubert still manages to put his own spin on the classics. Hell, you’ll even get some Dave McKean in here. So, the art is fabulous, and the story, for my taste, is fantastic as well. For all the darkness that Batman is known for nowadays, Gaiman keeps things positive, and I thank him for that.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Detective Comics #853

  1. I actually don’t know how I feel about this. It was quite good, though I think it suffers in comparison to Morrison’s similar two-parter. And while the ending initially disappointed me, I find myself reflecting on it with a smile with relative frequency.

  2. Yes, there’s a reason why I mentioned Morrison’s run in my opening. But consider this:

    It was a more lighthearted and condensed version of Morrison’s run. And though it too featured Kubert’s art, it was much more beautiful in Gaiman’s story. Conversely, someone complained that JH Williams would have been better for this story, and considering Williams’ artistic references in that three-part Batman tale alone, I have to agree.

    Now that I think about it, five stars was a bit of a high mark, but considering that Gaiman’s writing accomplishes everything it meant to, and that Kubert is literally at the top of his game, I think it was the right rating.

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