Review: Captain America #49

Captain America #49


I loved every minute of it, until the end.

“The most important issue of Captain America since issue 25 is finally here!”

That’s from Marvel’s solicitation. That is complete bullshit. What we have here is a wonderful issue starring Sharon Carter. Bucky isn’t in here at all, which is great for those of us who don’t like that guy. What’s included here is the realistic, Sharon Carter POV juxtaposed with some psychedelic nightmares. It’s fascinating. We also check up on Sam Wilson and “Bad Cap” (That’s his official title now). There isn’t any action at all in this issue, and that’s fine. What’s not fine, however, is the retelling of the events in issue #42. If you’ll recall, those events were shrouded in mystery when they originally occurred.  Considering Marvel’s promises and the storytelling logic of “Don’t show the same event twice unless you’re revealing something”, I thought we were finally going to get some answers. NOPE! You have to keep reading folks!

I loved every minute of it, until the end.

4 thoughts on “Review: Captain America #49

  1. i did some more reading in your blog after i commented on Cap #600, and i think you could cut Brubaker a little more slack; at least Bru is giving a little more hint about story direction than Matt Fraction does on Invincible Iron Man.

    you probably figured out that the Red Skull wanted to use the fetus growing inside Sharon as a new body for himself, something a lot of us saw coming last year, but Sharon screwed everything up again for The Skull.

    you might also have figured that Skull wanted to use Doom’s time cube to reverse Steve back to a fetal state, stick him in Sharon’s body and switch consciousness’ with him…

    or maybe not.

    anyway, it made sense to me that Brubaker retold some events of issue #42 in #49, because those plot threads are still fresh and will carry over somehow into Cap Reborn.

  2. Ok. I did like this issue, and Brubaker’s Cap is good, but when the new Omnibus was solicited, I realized that nothing that interesting happened in the last 25 issues of Cap.

    I know a lot of people like Bucky better than Steve, but I’m not one of those people. I just feel that Bru could give us more than he has. It seems like, and from the interviews I’ve read this seems to be the case, that Brubaker is stringing along a story that could’ve been told in half of the issues it’s taken up.

  3. “….told in half the issues…”: agreed.

    the bad news is that it looks like Marvel and Brubaker conspired to produce and package his stories in 25 issue story arcs and sell them in phonebook-sized hardcovers; the good news is, they keep smart kids reading and off the streets.

    what i’m not certain about is whether these stories were intentionally strung out to try to coincide comic book time with real time… for instance, it would seem way too early to readers for Brubaker to bring a living Steve Rogers (from an earlier time in the timestream) back a few months (or even a year of our time) after he got shot and killed…

    and even if they brought Steve back right away, Tony Stark was still in charge and would probably have brought him back to jail as soon as he returned. now that Norman Osborn is in charge and about to go back to being Green Goblin or worse, this almost insures that Steve will stay on the run for a while and maybe pardoned in a few years.

    and what fan prefers Bucky Cap to Steve? i never met any.


  4. There are a lot of them. There was even a poll on Newsarama I think, and Bucky got 30% of the votes or something.

    All I know is that Brubaker said he had planned on bringing Steve back sooner.

    And now, you know that Dark Reign won’t end until Steve personally smashes Osborn’s face in.

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