Review: The Walking Dead #60 – Spoilers!

Walking Dead #60


Let’s Get The Plot Out Of The Way: As we saw last issue, a huge horde has surrounded Rick, Carl, Morgan, and Abraham. They’ve been running on the road, but then Rick realizes that he doesn’t want his pals getting eaten. So they try to ditch the horde in a house.

The Good Stuff: Inside the house, they try to search for things to make noise to keep the horde occupied. Morgan searches upstairs and finds something terrible. Oh, what the hell, this is a spoiler review: The kids were poisoned and drilled in the head. The wife was shot and the husband blew his head off. Morgan’s humanity is already in a horrible state, what the hell will this do to him? Will this push him over the edge? Maggie gives Glen a heartfelt explanation for her earlier suicide attempt (Which pretty much lets us know that there is no God). Also, Dale really wanted to stay at this barn. He couldn’t; so he blames Rick. It’s been sixty issues, and Dale is finally starting to turn against Rick.

Final Word: Once again, I’m more worried about the humans than the zombies. Well played, Kirkman.

At the end of the issue are some teasers for the new story starting in #62. They’re in black & white, but you can see them here in color!

The Walking Dead Picture

The Walking Dead Picture

The Walking Dead Picture

The Walking Dead Picture

Looks like characters might start dying again.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Walking Dead #60 – Spoilers!

  1. The real danger in any zombie outbreak isn’t the slow, easy-to-see horde of zombies, but the humans who lost their marbles. Years of zombie films and video games like Dead Rising have taught me that.

    Still, kudos to KIrkman – those spoiler pages are pretty awesome.

  2. Absolutely. Even Kirkman himself would say that he’s following Romero (WD came out before Dead Rising, but that was a fun game). What’s nice is that WD doesn’t end, not yet at least. And yes, the spoilers are cool.

    It’s funny because the last time WD did this was the “No One Is Safe” tagline. Then Ultimatum stole it. I wonder if Loeb will steal these lines too.

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