The Triumphant Return of SEVENTHSOLDIER

Well well well. Long time no see.  

I open, of course, with apology.  This semester has been particularly tough on me, work-wise and school-wise, and so I had to let a few things slip.  Unfortunately, this is one of those things.  With the semester coming to a close, however, I will be making my way through some of my backlogs, providing new reviews, and hopefully more.

As the blog wound down, it seems as though Bruce was the only one keepin’ the dream alive.  With hope, he’ll see this post and join us once more.  His passion is unrivalled, and the fact that he alone kept it going for weeks without support impresses the hell out of me.

Reviews to start going up again by Wednesday.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return of SEVENTHSOLDIER

  1. good to see more activity on the site! 😀 i kept coming back every 2 days to see if anything new had gone up… was beginning to lose faith, just a tiny bit. but now, new content! yay!

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