Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #131

Ultimate Spider-Man #131


Ok, so Ultimatum is still going strong, even though it’s been a few months since the last actual Ultimatum issue, and Ultimate Spider-Man is inching along. Due to the extreme decompression, we’re likely to have some good issues and some bad issues depending on what’s going on. The last two issues of USM have been excruciatingly boring. However, this issue will hopefully be a turning point. Even with the lack of actual content, this issue was written very well.

What can you expect to see? Lives change, heroes are realized, Hulk and Spidey team-up, and perhaps a few hints at the future. Oh and without getting too spoilery, a hero dies and I think something from Ultimatum #3 gets spoiled. It seems, from the conclusions of this issue and the last UFF issue, that something is going on with hell or the Ultimate Dark Dimension. It could be Hela, who we saw in the last Ultimatum issue, but she appeared to in the clouds, right? Also, I was very sad to see the fallen hero in this issue. He didn’t get much love in the Ultimate U, but he’s a favorite of mine in 616. Hopefully he’ll get more love in the reboot. Anyway, as I said, this issue was written well. And you know what? The art was pretty sweet too. I can’t wait to see Immonen on New Avengers, especially after Tan’s dismal renderings in fiftieth issue.

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