Review: Hulk #10


Ha! Hulk was the best comic that came out this week! Who would have thought? Now, Hulk, as I’m sure you already know, is not a book for everyone. It’s the real Silver Age throwback that everyone thought All Star Superman was. Hulk is very much a modern Stan Lee yarn. Lighthearted, goofy, and undeniably fun, Hulk proves that comics can still be entertaining without the need for darkness and nihilism. Instead of Jack Kirby, we’re treated to Ed McGuinness’ delightfully bombastic art. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, McGuinness is a perfect fit for this book! I’m happy to say that in this arc, it appears Loeb has made room for several splash pages. I think they’re trying to set a record. There are at least four two-page spreads in this issue alone.

Are you ready for the zany plot? It’s a cosmic duel to the death of course! The omnipotent Grandmaster and his devious brother are having a galactic chess game. The good Grandmaster selects Hulk as his champion. Hulk has his choice of teammates and he assembles the Defenders! How does that fit into continuity? Well, when the gods want to play, they can make anything happen. All of these champions are snatched at the very moment of their greatest tragedy. How’s that for motivation? The heroes are fighting for love, but what are the baddies fighting for? We don’t know yet, but we do know that it’s the villainous Offenders we’re supposed to boo. We don’t see much battle yet in this opening chapter, but don’t worry, the game is all set and the fists are ready to fly!

3 thoughts on “Review: Hulk #10

  1. The title, in a regulation comic, probably goes to Nextwave 11, which consisted of nothing but 2-page spreads, pretty much (maybe 2-4 other pages). Of course, Nextwave was literally doing it because they could as opposed to this, which might just happen to have them fit.

  2. Knowing Loeb as I think I do, I think it was very much on purpose. Loeb is extremely aware of his artists, even to a fault at times. That’s ok; Great artists collaborate with him.

    Good catch on Nextwave though. I loved that book. I wish it would come back, but it probably never will, especially since Immonen is playing footsie with Bendis.

    Oh and did you hear that Loeb and Art Adams will do an Ultimate book soon? No details yet, but it’s Art Adams.

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