Review: Uncanny X-Men #506


Alright, I’m warming up to this book. It’s gotten increasingly better, and that annual was fantastic. I see what Fraction is trying to do, and while it’s not the best approach, his run has the potential to be pretty fun. For too long, the X-Men have been disconnected with the Marvel U and Fraction is trying to remedy that. Fraction’s also given them a goal: Preserving the race and offering sanctuary to all mutants, past and present. That’s cool. What I dislike, is that Fraction has to do so much damn juggling. He has to service the plots of so many other books that it interferes with his own storytelling. Fraction is also using Clairemont’s style, subplots a plenty. Colossus is dealing with his past. Beast and Angel are trying to save the mutant race. And Emma Frost is troubled by Dark Reign and the deterioration of her relationship. So, it’s almost like you’re getting three seven-page stories instead of a single adventure, highlighting one or two team members, which is what I prefer. Still, Uncanny X-Men is better than it’s been in years, and Terry Dodson’s art is always pretty to look at.

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