Review: Invincible #59

Invincible #59


Now that Invincible’s 50’s have concluded, it’s time to evaluate. This was perhaps the best “decade” in the series. I’ve already mentioned several times how much I adore Plascencia’s coloring. The book looks sharper. As a friend put it, “Whoa! It looks like it’s in high-def.” Kirkman has further developed his writing. There was a time when he would’ve been incapable of producing an issue like #59. Kirkman has finally embraced compressed storytelling and I couldn’t be happier.

As I reflect on the 50’s, I realize just how much has been accomplished. The status quo was changed, Mark and Eve’s relationship has flourished (Rock the Casbah!), Kid Omni-Man may be evil, the Mauler Twins are dead, Nolan and Allen are free, and Angstrom Levy is about to return in a big way. All that and more, way to go Kirkman!

This issue is a done-in-one from a villain’s perspective. We’ve seen this story before, but that doesn’t soften the emotional gut-punch. The aforementioned stupendous coloring increases the tear-inducing finale. With the upcoming Image crossover next issue and the Conquest storyline, this is the best time to be an Invincible fan.

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