Review: The Walking Dead #58

Walking Dead #58


Wow! I can actually do a Walking Dead review without spoilers! Why? Because this issue is mostly a series of depressing conversations and there’s no need to spoil things. In this issue, the “unthinkable” was promised. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but there are definitely some unthinkable acts discussed. Seriously, this will bring you down. If you’re feeling too happy, read this issue.

You know, I don’t praise Charlie Adlard enough in these reviews. It’s probably because he’s so consistent. Adlard does a great job on this book. He draws terrifying zombies and handles the facial expressions wonderfully. This issue is packed with emotionality, so Adlard gets to show off.

Though it may rip your heart out and leave you in a puddle of tears, and blood from that gaping hole in your chest, this is another terrific chapter of The Walking Dead.

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