Review: Justice Society of America #23

Justice Society Of America #23


The beginning of Johns’ last arc on JSA, and it’s about Black Adam. That’s awesome, right? Well, it is, but I’m bothered by something. Ordway’s art looks bad. I know. He’s an old master. He’s drawn the JSA and Shazam many times, but his style just doesn’t work for this story. It looked fine in that Annual, but it’s too old fashioned for this arc.

The story is fine. A lot happens in this issue. It’s about recruitment. Adam settles a score with Faust. Billy feels the wrath of Black Adam and his new family.  Like I said, a lot happens. I didn’t like Johns’ use of her. Countdown continuity is very bad. Other than that, the story worked well. Now if only I could get past the art, I’d be set.

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