Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #130

 Ultimate Spider-Man #130


I love Ultimate Spider-Man. I’ve been with the series through all the ups and downs. Sadly, this issue belongs in the latter category. This is basically a retelling of events that occurred several months ago. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen another tie-in go to such extreme lengths to actually recreate the main event. Dialogue and shots from Ultimatum #1 are literally copied. Remember this? You’ll see that same shot in this book. This all makes for a weird and uninteresting issue.

Though Bendis tries to make the dialogue and narrative entertaining, there are only two ways I can imagine someone enjoying this comic. Either they haven’t read Ultimatum #1, or they despise Finch’s art. I don’t belong in either of those categories. Oh well, this was the catch-up issue for fans who aren’t reading Ultimatum. It looks like we’ll have at least three more tie-ins to deal with. Hopefully those will be better. Although USM #133 promises the final issue of the series, so maybe things won’t get better.

6 thoughts on “Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #130

  1. Okay, now Ultimatum is the worst thing ever. I thought that they were only canceling Ultimate FF at first, which was on, then off, then on, and then it’s been off for a while. When I heard Ultimate X-Men was getting canceled, I was pissed, but at least they were keeping Ultimate Spider-Man. Now, that is being canceled. That is so stupid.

    Oh, and I liked this issue. I did read Ultimatum 1 (although hated it) and dislike Finch’s art, so I guess I meet some of your criteria, but honestly, you’re wrong. This issue has a few pages where they have Prof talking to Spidey, including the image (which looks better with Immonen then Finch), but that is it. The first third is May, then, you get Spidey swinging around saving people, all while freaking out and listening to the Professor, then Kitty, May and Spider-Woman. I mean, sure, you get the Professor telling everyone (although you only see Spidey) that Magneto did it, but it isn’t the entire issue recapping Ultimatum 1. I actually liked the issue a lot because one of the best parts about Ultimate Spider-Man that makes it great is Peter being way in over his head all the time, and while he might make jokes, it’s all he can do to not crap his pants. This issue is perfect with that.

  2. Did you hear all the NYCC stuff? Basically, Quesada, Loeb, Bendis and Millar got together. They were figuring out a way to reinvigorate the Ultimate U. And you know what? There is something wrong with the Ultimate U. It’s lost its appeal. Frankly, it was handled wrong from the start. If you want to see what the Ultimate U should have been, go read Morrison’s Marvel Boy or Ellis’ NewUniversal (That’s Seventh’s recommendation). Sadly, we’ll never get that, but at least the Ultimate U will be handled by only the top creators now. The Ultimate line has turned into the Ultimate Comics line.

    Ultimate Comics: Avengers with Millar and Carlos Pacheco (Later Leinil Yu)

    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man with Bendis and David LaFeunte (The dude on that third annual. Immnonen will be on NA #55)

    Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates with Loeb and Frank Cho

    So, it wasn’t all Loeb. And it will be nice to only have a few books with top creators. In fact, they can even stay connected now. I heard something about how Bendis could never tie USM with Ultimates because Hitch was so slow. Now, with several superstars rotating, there should be fewer delays.

    The Ultimate line has become a lot like 616 recently. The creators promise something different and I hope they deliver.

    And c’mon, most of this USM issue was Ultimatum. What was different wasn’t very interesting to me. However, you don’t like Ultimatum or Finch very much so I can understand your fondness.

  3. As much as I want to continue with the Ultimate universe, I think I am going to have to pass. I wouldn’t have read Heroes Reborn if I had been reading comics during Onslaught, and this is similar. As much as I want to read Avengers or Spider-Man, they screwed up the Ultimate universe too much.

    And, no, most of it wasn’t. Approximately 4 pages of Ultimatum is not most of the issue. It ties into Ultimatum, sure, but from the bottom of the 11th page to the 14th (with him also freaking out, which as I said, something I love) is not most of the issue. Count it if you want, but it really wasn’t as much as you seem to think. Maybe because they literally took that image is why you think it is as much as you think. It wasn’t even that important to the issue. May was the main character in it, giving how much page time she got. Spidey and Kitty were secondary. Of course, I could also be missing what makes you think there is more Ultimatum 1 in it than I thought. But considering the first third (8 pages out of 22) were about May, and she got two more after that, I don’t know what to say.

  4. I’m not going to go back and count, but honestly, how would you summarize this issue? For me it’s something like:

    The issue picks up where the last one ended with May in custody. She is questioned about Spider-Man and then Ultimatum hits.

    You could almost stop there. You saw Spidey and Kitty’s reaction in Ultimatum, even some of his freaking out. All the Prof stuff was word for word and even the ending with Hulk was in Ultimatum (I think).

    You’re really going to give up more USM and more Ultimate Millar? Really?

  5. You didn’t see Spidey or Kitty’s reactions. You semi-saw Spidey in Ultimatum 2 (which is what had the Hulk stuff), but not inner-monologue that explains nearly as much. Kitty didn’t react at all in Ultimatum, from what I remember. Yes, the Prof stuff was word for word. They’ve had stuff that’s been word for word in lots of things, though. How many times did they show that transport in Civil War, that got attacked, when Thing stopped the fighting and decided to go to Europe? Seriously, the same dialogue was in about 5 issues or so. Still, that was fine for me, as it was slightly different each time. This was very different as it was less Prof talking to everybody, but Spidey hearing Prof in his head, and completely freaking out. I’d summarize it as:

    May in the police station, where she gets questioned about her connection to Spider-Man, who the police think is Peter. Then, everything goes black, and she eventually sees the destruction of the Ultimatum wave. Then, we see Spider-Man, not knowing what to do, but trying to help people as much as he can, when Professor X enters his mind, telling him that it was Magneto and where to find him to stop him, all while he freaks out. Then, Kitty helps people (racist people, but whatever) out, including using the T2 line (Come with me if you want to live). May tries to help people outside the police station, when Spider-Woman (or whatever she is called) comes to help, identifying May, and making the police more certain she knows something. Kitty and others worry, and at the end, Hulk and Spidey are face to face.

    You know how much I dislike Ultimatum, but it really isn’t all because of the story or art, which while I dislike, aren’t the main problem. If Ultimatum were written by Millar and drawn by Hitch, I still would dislike the concept. They are handling the Ultimate universe so poorly that I just don’t want to see it anymore after this event. Sure, Millar, but as much as I like his writing, I just don’t care about the Ultimate universe any more. They’ve messed it up so badly that I really don’t want to see more. If people praise it ridiculously, then I might consider it, but with hoe poorly the Ultimate universe has been handled recently, I just don’t care any more.

  6. Just to try and drive my point home, there were 13 pages that were not Spidey (11 May, 2 Kitty, MJ and pals) and 9 that were, and I’m including the 2 2-page spreads for Spidey. So, as there were 5 Spidey pages with actual words (as opposed to the two 2-page spreads), I wouldn’t call that most of the issue.

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