Review: Captain America #46

Captain America #46


Ah, it’s nice to see Epting back on this book. I know there’ve been several (Four?) artists on this series, but Epting feels like the best fit for Captain America. I’m also happy to see the Invaders get some more focus. Just take a look at that cover. Though it looks like Namor and Cap are fighting (Is Bucky walking on water?), we comic book fans know how deceptive a cover can be. Yep, they team up in this issue.

Captain America is always a fine book. You all know that. If there’s ever a dip in quality, it’s usually minor. However, I can’t help but feel a little burnt out on this series. Yes, it’s always a good read, but this book has been near the bottom of my stack for months now. I don’t want a gimmick every month of course, but something has to be said about the lack of excitement. A great monthly should always leave you eager for the next issue. I’m not feeling that right now, but with issue fifty coming up, that will surely change.

2 thoughts on “Review: Captain America #46

  1. I think it’s just general burnout. I’ve had it before – it’s one of the reasons why I tend to favor minis. The heartbreak is bigger, but it keeps me more engaged and interested month to month.

    For books like Captain America and the like, I tend to prefer trade-waiting. It’s frustrating as hell at times, but you absolutely devour the story and almost always find yourself wanting more.

  2. Yeah, that’s possible. If Captain America goes to 4 dollars after issue #50 (And it probably will), I’ll probably switch to trades. Although I buy the Omnibuses, so I’ll have to wait a looonnnggg time.

    See, buying mini’s on a monthly basis never appealed to me. You might as well wait for the trade. Due to monetary troubles, the only floppies I read are monthlies I love that are essential to Marvel or DC continuity. Of course there are exceptions, but those are the most appealing comics to purchase in floppy-form.

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