Review: Invincible Iron Man #10

Invincible Iron Man #10 (Variant Cover Edition)


Invincible Iron Man is Fraction’s answer to Brubaker’s Captain America. I finally realized that while gleefully turning the pages of this comic. Both writers reinvigorated old characters. Captain America’s personality hasn’t changed much in sixty years and was deemed boring by some. Iron Man was actually called a villain by more than a few fans after Civil War. But now, both titular characters have gained some respect.

What’s refreshing is that these issues are so great without the need for gimmicks or other flashy crap of that sort. Sure, some people disliked Steve’s demise, but at least it was done right. The new Cap was established well and is even more interesting than Rogers to some. Just like with Invincible Iron Man, this series has been hijacked by Dark Reign, but the story seems like a natural fit for the series. Every month I expect great quality from both books, I am rarely disappointed.

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