Review: Astounding Wolf-Man #12

Astounding Wolf-man #12


Kirkman is only writing three books right now. They’re all ongoing and they’re always enjoyable. Astounding Wolf-Man is the worst of the three, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Although, it still seems like another version of Invincible to me. Different characters and premise, but it definitely has the same feel and it’s written in a similar way. Heck, they’re even in the same universe. They have the same colorist (Who’s awesome). So if you want some extra Invincible every month, this is definitely the place to be.

The book’s lack of originality is its biggest fault, but I have hope that someday Astounding Wolf-Man will have its own charm. Jason Howard continues to grow as an artist. The book will always look good because of the colorist, FCO. Howard’s main problem right now is his lack of consistency. His Wolf-Men look great. His people look a bit awkward at times.

As for the writing, it’s the usual Kirkman goodness. Kirkman writes in such a way that the quality is rarely the problem, it’s always the quantity. Did enough happen in this issue? I feel that this one was fairy packed. New villains were established, a problem occurs with Gary’s teacher, a future story is hinted at, and we get the traditional Kirkman finale.


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