Review: Crossed #3

Crossed #3 (of 9)


I’ve absorbed a lot of stories in my time. I’ve read them, watched them and heard them. Along the way, I’ve seen quite a lot of violence. Thankfully, I haven’t seen much in my personal life, but I’ve seen an abundance of gore in stories. It comes with the territory. There are times when I fear I’ve become desensitized. Crossed has made me aware that I’m not. Well, at least to a certain extent. You see, I’ve seen several, probably even hundreds of men decapitated. It’s gotten to the point where that despicable act, in a story, doesn’t faze me. However, Crossed has found away to test my emotions each and every issue.

I think that’s one of the most terrifying things about Crossed. Each issue strangles your soul and makes you want to look away. But this is just a comic. Crossed began with commentary on a society that is incapable of shock. It is therefore appropriate that each and every issue of Crossed shocks me. Every month, this book is near the top of my stack though I don’t know why. I guess that’s the appeal of the horror genre. Jacen Burrows has deceptively simple art, but it can twist your gut at just the right moment. Crossed wouldn’t be the same without his talent. And as for Garth Ennis, I think we’re seeing a different side of him. Oh sure, the violence isn’t a surprise, but I’m not sure if I was aware of just how much that man can grab my emotions. He’s always known for absurd wit or even some immature humor at times, but nothing like this.

So please, buy Crossed if you want to challenge yourself. It will test your limits without the use of “torture porn”. Crossed is one hell of a scary book.

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