Review: Final Crisis: Revelations #5

Final Crisis Revelations #5 (of 5)


Ah, Final Crisis: Revelations, I had such high hopes for you. Hindered by your promises and title and in the end, you really had nothing to do with Final Crisis. In fact, you suffered because of it. With a better shipping schedule, no tie-in obligations, and it all would’ve been more impressive if bigger and better things weren’t happening in Final Crisis. Seriously, could you imagine if this was just a usual in-continuity book? The zombie heroes and villains would’ve been much more impactful. Still, you were a pretty good mini, right?

I think your biggest claim to fame will be the recognition of newcomer, Phillip Tan. Fans (Including myself) were so impressed with his art that he already has a gig on the new Orange Lantern story. That’s pretty cool. Tan’s art was often the best part about Revelations. His skills were needed to capture the tone and scope of this biblical series. Though at times it looked like a 90’s Image book (Possibly because of his inker or colorist), Tan has established himself as an artist very much worthy of the big books in this medium.

As for Greg Rucka, this book was most rewarding for the fans of his earlier works. Those who’ve followed Renee and Crispus since the beginning were treated to some hard-hitting drama. Those who haven’t can still enjoy this thought-provoking epic. Though most of this series was knee-deep in oblivion, I’m happy to report that it all has a happy ending. Since Final Crisis’ conclusion is still very fresh in my mind, I have to ask Rucka to follow the story Morrison gave him, Montoya’s journey through the Multiverse. I believe it would challenge Rucka and such challenges often lead a writer to be the best he can be. After all, Crispus’ journey seems to have a nice conclusion for now. It’d be refreshing to see a new direction. At the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say that Final Crisis Revelations was not the story we expected. However, it was a fantastic tale that actually offered a positive, but not preachy, religious message.

5 thoughts on “Review: Final Crisis: Revelations #5

  1. As you say – this is another awesome step in the ongoing Rucka saga of the DCU… which is to say, another awesome step in the ongoing saga of the coolest corner of the DCU.

    It did hurt a little for its involvement in Final Crisis… never being able to figure out where it fit was a little awkward, though it’s easy to dismiss as occurring somewhere between #3 and #4, and just ignore one or two lines that say otherwise.

    I have one friend who I got into comics through Renee (back in Gotham Central days), and who followed her through 52 and Five Books of Blood. She isn’t reading Final Crisis, but is reading Revelations – I’m curious to see how she feels about it, having not read the main title at all.

  2. I am a little disappointed to see that Rucka’s next project is on Action Comics. I don’t believe I’ll pick that up. Although I guess Rucka is just giving his characters a break after their recent traumatic experience.

    Would you like to see Renee Montoya as a Global Peace Agent? It would bring some Checkmate elements back combined with a little Exiles-esque fun. I’d read that. It would certainly give Rucka some creative freedom. It could also provide a long-term home for Doug Mahnke.

    I hope your friend likes it. You’ll have to let me know. I would imagine she’ll like it more without the main title, but who knows?

  3. Oh, I’d love to see The Question: Global Peace Agent or something like that. It would be a Rucka/Mahnke book, and because it would be awesome, it would also be cancelled within one year.

    I’ll give Rucka a shot on Action. I’m really looking forward to his Batwoman with JH Williams III, to be honest, but I’ll settle for Action for now.

  4. Rucka on Batwoman? Sold. JH Williams III on anything? You bet your ass that’s sold. Rucka and Williams on Batwoman? I’d kick the Pope for that (Although I would probably kick the Pope for no reason as long as I didn’t get caught)!

    Actually, now that you mention it, I do seem to remember something about that. Wasn’t that announced about a year ago? I hope it happens soon.

    “Oh, I’d love to see The Question: Global Peace Agent or something like that. It would be a Rucka/Mahnke book, and because it would be awesome, it would also be cancelled within one year.”

    Why so cynical? Although being cynical and being right do often go together. But hey, there are plenty of awesome non-cancelled books, like the ones on my top ten list (Hint hint. It would be nice to get your input).

    Oh, you’re just sore about Blue Beetle huh? And VS, and… I’m going to stop now.

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