Review: New Avengers #49

New Avengers #49


Did you all notice that dollar missing in your wallet this week? That’s because of this book. The prices finally rose. It’s our fault. All ten of the top ten best sellers last year were four dollars. Sure, nine of them were big events and all of them had more than 32 pages, but you still showed Marvel you were willing to pay the extra dollar. Right now, Marvel only has their best sellers, mini-series’s, and a few others at four bucks, but I believe most if not all will cost four dollars (Or more) come 2010. I know some of you are boycotting these comics, but I still think the high prices will come.

If you follow my reviews regularly, you’re going to have a good time in the coming months. What you’ll see is a man desperately torn between logic and his inner thirteen year old. I should drop this book. I really should, especially with the price increase. I could even switch to trade, but I just can’t do it. I’ve had almost fifty issues with this book. The kid in me is still buzzing about the possibilities, but I really should quit. Anyway, you readers can view my abusive relationship on here.

At least Bendis is trying to give us our money’s worth. I would have almost bet money that after only two issues, Luke Cage’s daughter would still be missing. I would have lost some money. Bendis seems to finally be moving things along quickly. Luke Cage gets his daughter back (Or maybe she’s dead), the Osborn/Cage deal has already been settled, and things are all set for the predictable New/Dark Avengers showdown. On the bright side, if the solicitations are correct, it appears that battle will resolve quickly as well. Good for you, Bendis!

Billy Tan’s art continues to improve. I still don’t feel he’s worthy of such an important title, but at least things are looking better. He just needs to work on his facial expressions a bit. And as for the writing, it was pretty good except for the last two pages. The personal story between Cage and Osborn was handled very well. Once you get back to the team, the jokes fall flat and Hawkeye gives an uninspiring “Let’s go get em’!” speech. But I think I’ll be back next issue, maybe.

9 thoughts on “Review: New Avengers #49

  1. I know I’m looking forward to seeing the despair in your posts about this series, torn by wanting to read it and being afraid to pay the extra price. I enjoyed it, but it felt like a filler issue. Continuity-wise, didn’t Wrecker have his crowbar during Omega Flight? Does he just have multiple crowbars? It seems like every team that faces the Wrecking Crew takes his crowbar. Oh well. How is Bullseye still alive after being hit dead on with the Wrecker’s enchanted crowbar by Luke Cage? Sure, some adamantium on some of his bones, but come on! Still, I enjoyed it.


    Uh, you probably should have put that first. I don’t know if anyone cares, but…

    I just assumed Cage had the crowbar from waaayyy back in New Avengers #9 or so when they fought the awesome McNiven Wrecker. But you’re right. Now that I think of it, the Wrecker was in Omega Flight. However, if you were to ask Marvel’s response you would either get the “It’s a wizard” answer, or maybe Omega Flight has been taken out of continuity. Have we seen that team since? Even if we have, it first appeared in Civil War so the team could still exist. What else happened in that mini? Beta was trapped, but the Skrulls freed him or whatever. Still, good catch.

    How is Bullseye still alive? Because he is, enjoy the wonders of comic book logic.

    Oh, and I’ve monetarily worked it out so that I will be on Dark and New Avengers for the foreseeable future. However, money is not my main concern. I still feel we haven’t received enough great stories from 50 issues of New Avengers. Also, 2008 was a horrible year for Bendis. Still, I will be on the book for a bit longer.

    Oh, did you like those Cho sketches on the other review?

  3. Yes, we have in Mighty Avengers. Just recently. There hasn’t been much that is Bendis-related that I haven’t liked. There have been things that I haven’t liked as much, but there really hasn’t ever been anything that I can think of that I just outright didn’t like.

    The Cho sketches were okay, and I like Cho, but meh. The Ultimates 1 and 2 are still my favorite stories ever, and I don’t really feel anybody else can really do them justice. I also feel that in general, the Ultimates shouldn’t be cartoony. See, I love cartoony style art, or just simple art. I don’t feel every story needs to have someone like Finch or Cassaday or Bianchi involved that makes amazing, beautiful art. But, for the Ultimates, I really need that. Aside from not being written by Millar, there hasn’t really been a story involving the Ultimates outside of Ultimates 1 and 2 that has felt right. Ultimate Six didn’t really, Ultimate Power, not so much, Ultimate War didn’t, Magnetic North didn’t, nor did the recent Venom storyline. Cho is great, and I love his art, but not for the Ultimates. I’m impressed when Frank Cho art of the Enchantress (or any female) just makes me say meh, not because of the art, but because of the content.

    Hmmm, I seem to have talked a lot about that. Oh well.

  4. But those other Ultimates from Bendis and Loeb are still the Ultimates. Especially since Ultimate Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow were originally created by Bendis. Oh and Ultimate War was written by Millar. Do you know how different Batman was written in the 50s compared to today?

    Millar and Hitch were great on Ultimates, but they’re done. I’d rather have someone do something different than more of the same. Would you rather have Millar and Hitch copycats? At least Loeb is doing something completely different. It’s still a more mature Avengers book. And hey, there are times when Loeb has demonstrated his knowledge for the Ultimate U.

    I’m not trying to say “Love Loeb”. I’m also not trying to disgrace Millar and Hitch. I’m simply saying you should admire the past, but be open to the future.

    I don’t know. I guess that’s just me. I’m the guy who is totally open to the new Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon. Is the 90’s cartoon better? Very much so. Do I like the dark brooding Batman more? Probably. But I’m also fine with the more lighthearted Neal Adams style Batman as well. He’s still Batman in that show, but different. That’s the best reference I could use to relate to the Ultimates issue.

    Oh, and every single one of Bendis’ books was poor overall last year. Except Halo, I don’t read that. 🙂

  5. Sure, and Ultimate Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow are exactly the same as from Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. Ultimate War was the only one that felt close, but it still failed, I feel.

    I’ve read Golden Age Batman, and some Silver Age Batman. I know how different it is. I’d rather have copycats that are decent, then completely changing it around. Ultimates 1 and 2 were perfect to me. Going from perfection to anything is difficult, but going from perfection to, well, Ultimates 3, is, shall we say jarring?

    I want to see the Brave and Bold cartoon, I really do. I’m fine with that. But, that’s like comparing the Ultimates to the Avengers 90 show. Yeah, that crappy one with the weird armor without Cap, Iron Man, Thor or anybody really that matters. Sure, it is still some of the same people, and it is technically the same basic team, but come on. It is a different universe, so I can live with that. These are the same. Are you saying you’d like to see Brave and the Bold type stories and art style in actual DC continuity, like next week, a story that is like that in continuity? Because it works, but it is also irrelevant. The Ultimates stuff isn’t.

    My analogy might be, let’s see…Planet Hulk/WWH to Hulk. Both of what came before were darker, deeper and great, while what came after was so completely and utterly different (oh, and horribly written) that it was a disaster.

    I liked Bendis (and always have). To you, Bendis was poor. And to you, Hulk was good. See, we know that your taste is poor 🙂

    Please stop trying to convince me that Loeb is good. He does good stuff along with horrendous stuff that makes me vomit inside my mouth (and sometimes there is a lot more). You like him, I don’t. I like Bendis, you apparently think he did only poor stuff last year. I want the Ultimates no longer to be a series, because everything else that will come after cannot live up, and I want them to be good in my head still.

  6. You know, this all started when I came across some Frank Cho sketches that hinted at Ultimates 4. I just thought you’d like to see them.

    As I said, I’m not trying to get you to like Loeb! Hey, if you don’t want the Ultimates to be around anymore, shouldn’t you like Ultimatum, where they’re all dyeing?

    If you won’t read Ultimates 4, that’s perfectly ok. But you’ll miss out on some awesome Cho art and some possible fun. You know, it could be more like Millar now. People are already aware that Loeb has changed things. He could now go back to what was familiar without seeming like a copycat. They’re not robots now, right? No more Terminator lines?

    Alright, I’m sure we’ll talk about this more when Ultimatum #3 comes out. I like how even the teaser promises “More shocks!” I hope Ultimatum we’ll be a bit denser than that, but at least it actually is shocking.

    For the record, I like Bendis. I always have. Over the years I’ve encountered several Bendis haters and I’ve always defended him. Were there great issues of Secret Invasion, NA, MA, Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers? Absolutely, but I felt that overall, those titles were poor in 2009. That upsets me more than it does you. However, as I’ve mentioned with NA and DA (Ultimate Spider-Man is a given), I will stick with Bendis. And as for Hulk, I’m not sure if I’d ever argue that Hulk was better than Secret Invasion in terms of quality, but for what they intended to be and what they are, Hulk is the better comic. It’s like trying to say an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is better than an Oscar winning best picture. Though Arnold movies are dumber and less original, I’d much rather watch some of them than a few best pictures any day.

  7. Well, I had known that Millar had been planning Ultimate Avengers for a long time now, with different artists. I assumed that Cho was doing something for that.

    Still, I have incredibly strong feelings about the Ultimates. You might not have realized it, but it just evoked emotions about the series.

    The Ultimates and the Ultimates 2 were perfect, and I doubt anything can live up to them (especially after reading Loeb’s run), so seeing something else about them that isn’t going to be that perfection is just annoying now.

    I’d love to see the Ultimates if they were done as well, but I doubt they will be, which annoys me. I don’t want the characters to die, and, well, Ultimatum is failing at making it good anyway (although as a follow up to Ultimates 3, it isn’t nearly as bad).

    You might like Bendis, but I’ve seen no indication of that, whatsoever. You’ve pretty much been bashing Bendis for a while now, and, it is kind of annoying, especially when I didn’t really see him do anything wrong. I loved SI, every issue of it, NA and MA were almost always great, and sometimes just meh (not bad, though), and I never felt that he did poorly, especially covering all of those things at the same time. And while I disagree with you about Hulk, I understand your point about it.

  8. Ok, I certainly didn’t intend to offend you or bring up any unsettling emotions.

    However, this “You’ve pretty much been bashing Bendis for a while now” crap is unfair. Bashing to me is spouting nothing but negativity that is often unnecessary and childish. I have done no such thing. In fact, I would say that the majority of my Bendis reviews are positive. Yes, Secret Invasion did upset me, almost to an extreme level. Yes, because Bendis books have lately been hit or miss for me, I’ll rarely put up a review without a few criticisms. But that’s what I’m here to do. C’mon, if I didn’t like these comics I wouldn’t buy them!

  9. Sorry, but it seems that every single thing that you’ve reviewed by Bendis recently has you saying how poor Bendis has done. Maybe it happened twice or something and I just saw it as your main point, but I seem to at least remember most of your reviews saying how poorly Bendis has been doing things.

    I’d say that most Bendis reviews you’ve given recently aren’t positive, maybe because you’ve been whining about other things (prices, art, SI) in your Bendis reviews that make his stuff seem worse. You certainly could like Bendis, but I haven’t seen that in your reviews (aside from that you do seem to read a lot by him).

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