Review: The Walking Dead #57 – Spoilers!

Walking Dead #57


I’m sorry that I have to make this a spoiler review, people. The fact is, I’ve already talked about how much I love this series so much. I’d just be repeating myself if I had to fill up a non-spoiler review. This book is great. Go read it please. The first trade is only ten dollars. There, does that cover whether this issue is worth reading or not?

We find out that Rosita and Abraham are a couple. That doesn’t completely ruin my Andrea & Abraham prediction, but it does look doubtful. The group is making traveling plans. We get some happy news as Rick wants to make a detour back to his house and the police station. They can get some guns and ammo, but that also means we may have Morgan and Duane Jones with us soon. Yay!

But as we often see in The Walking Dead and even in life, something bad usually comes after good news. The detour team consists of Rick, Abraham and Carl. Out of the blue, something really awful occurs. Carl almost gets raped. My God that’s creepy. Thankfully, nothing actually happens, but it was pretty scary and it leads to Rick fighting back. He does something terrible, but he had to right? The last page promises the story of Abraham’s family and the preview for next issue reads “The unthinkable”. What do you think will happen? I remember when I first read that, I thought Carl might die. Kirkman wouldn’t kill Carl after almost having him raped, would he? As always, like a fool, I can’t wait for the next horrifying issue.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Walking Dead #57 – Spoilers!

  1. Rick’s right hand reappears when he’s driving (the page where Carl asks to pee, i don’t know the page, I’m brazilian, they’re not publishing in portuguese, so I have to read the scan, sorry. Ah! that’s why my english is so terrible). However, the issue is great as always.

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