SeventhSoldier Presents: The Doktor Is In

So, onward in my review of the single issues I’ve read, this week and last.  Right this second?  

Doktor Sleepless #11


Book 1 of Doktor Sleepless contained issues 1-8.  Despite a slow middle ground, the end of Book 1 had a pretty big pay-off, with surprising possible revelations about the past, present and future of the series.  So when Book 2 opened up without the Doktor in sight, I was perplexed and perhaps a bit worried.  The quality off the dialogue and storytelling was still strong, but it felt a little like filler.

Now, three issues into Book 2, I’m content to admit to being wrong.  While the Doktor still hasn’t made an appearance since #8, Book 2 has been building up a strong supporting cast, and has taken an interesting tact – what effect have the actions of the Doktor had on the city?  While current books like Batman pretend to give serious thought to these issues, mostly they’re still about the punching and the kicking, but we’ve had some interesting insights into the highs and lows of Heavenside since the Doktor arrived, and now’s no different.

Issue #11 continues the quality writing, and artist Ivan Rodriguez continues to improve.  Heavenside, and the world as a whole, continue to be fleshed out in impressive, interesting ways.  With hope, Doktor Sleepless can continue to be released at a regular pace.  While the story is moving forward only microscopically, it is nonetheless doing so in interesting ways.

Grade: B+

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