SeventhSoldier Presents: Secret Six #5

Only one issue today, but more to come in the next few days from my awesome pull list, leading up to my review of the Christmas Haul this weekend.

Secret Six #5


And so we begin to wind down Simone’s opening arc on Secret Six. And by wind down I mean ramp up the action ten-fold.  Supposedly a ‘Faces of Evil’ issue featuring Deadshot, it is in reality more of a Bane issue than anything else.  Fans of the character are assured to finally get Bane beginning to show his brutal glory, illustrated with talent by Nicola Scott.

The issue also also features revelations on the background of Gail’s twisted new villain, Junior – hint: it’s not who you expect! – some absolutely fantastic art, excellent action, a little more on the relationships between the Six, most notably between Scandal and Bane.  Why does Deadshot hang with these losers? How did the Six escape the ambush? How many bricks to the head can Bane take before he breaks?  These questions and more are answered in this issue.  Fun, twisted escapism of the highest order

Grade: B


One thought on “SeventhSoldier Presents: Secret Six #5

  1. You bastard! I was just about to put up a review! Now I’ll have to wait. Oh well, good show! As an obvious preview of my review, I too loved this issue. The obvious is because, when do I not love this book?

    Yeah, I pretty much love all these characters anyway (Except maybe Ragdoll, but um, well…let’s just say I could have affection for him soon), but how awesome was Bane?! I’d say more, but I don’t want to deplete my review fodder.

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