Review: Captain America #45

Captain America #45 (Villain Variant Cover Edition)


First off, I’d like to apologize to the people who read my review of Captain America #44. I jumped the gun. I said that the mysterious figure was Death-Stalker. It isn’t, it’s the “man with no face”. Although this new character does look an awful lot like him, and given Brubaker’s love of old DD villains, it’s safe to say that the man with no face was at least inspired by Death-Stalker. And really Brubaker, could you please either change this characters name or get rid of him? I really don’t want to type “man with no face” in my future Captain America reviews.

Anyway, this is the conclusion of the Time’s Arrow arc. There was a definite dip in quality here. This is kind of Bucky’s first adventure as the established new Captain America (Until now, we’ve been dealing with the death of Steve Rogers) and I am not impressed. We see another villain’s grand scheme falling into place. This issue also features a reveal related to Cap’s past.

Luke Ross was the new artist on this arc. He did a decent job. A foul here and there, but for the most part his work looked dynamic. The real unsung hero of this book’s art department is Frank D’Armata. His colors have given this series a nice uniformed look. Thanks to him, the pencil changes aren’t jarring.

I have a few complaints, but Captain America #45 is still a good issue. It continues the theme of past and present. A previous battle and a present one are juxtaposed to demonstrate the difference between the way Winter Soldier operates and the way the new Captain America does. This series has always been solid and I hope that can continue in the next arc. “Onward and upward” as they say.


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