Review: Batman #684

Batman #684 (Variant Cover Edition)


No surprises here. As you could tell after the first part, this is forgettable filler. I would have been reading Batman anyway, but I feel bad for all the fans who bought this thinking it was essential to Battle for the Cowl. Again, Batman is gone in this issue, but he might as well be on vacation in Tahiti. This is nothing more than a Nightwing solo story. But hey, it’s not terrible. This is Dennis O’Neil back on Batman folks. It also has incredibly captivating art from a Mr. Guillem March. He’s a newcomer, but I hope to see more from him in the future. Oh, we also got a new character out of this story, but I highly doubt she’ll come up again. Although now that I’ve said that, I’m sure she’ll be the one who gets Batman’s cowl.

4 thoughts on “Review: Batman #684

  1. I was pretty disappointed in this arc… but as I reread it, it wasn’t bad. For fluff, it was actually pretty god – it introduced some new characters, reestablished the Narrows, etc…. You’re definitely right in calling it fluff, but between March’s art and the solid set-up for what’s to come, I think it was a success. The biggest problem the issue has is expectations, really – people were expecting Denny O’Neil’s return to be HUGE, and instead, it was just solid.

    Ah, raised expectations, how you backfire.

  2. Yep, you’re right. It’s not bad, but it is undoubtedly forgettable.

    Lets’ see, we get two more issues of Dini filler that concludes the Heart of Hush stuff.

    Then Neil Gaiman! Yay!

  3. Okay, I bet that Gaiman arc will suck. I mean how can it not? Doesn’t Gaiman look goofy with his goth hair? He thinks he’s all deep and meaningful and then he writes Beowulf and Stardust? That guy is stupid!

    Caped Crusader will be the suckiest bunch of suck ever!

    (Are the expectations getting low yet?)

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