Bruce Castle Presents: The Invincible Detective

Invincible #56

Invincible #56 (***1/2)

The…art…is…so…pretty. Sorry I had to wipe the drool from my mouth. We get to see Eve naked in this issue. Well, comic book naked, which of course means all the good parts are conveniently covered. This is probably the worst issue since the revamp, but the new colors are so beautiful I hardly cared. Simply put, Mark finds Amber with a messed up face and he gets mad. That’s pretty much all the new info we get in this issue. Besides the art, I’m also not too bumbed because I just heard that Kirkman is going to cram an entire crossover into Invincible #60. Cool, right

 Detective Comics #851 (Variant Cover Edition)

Detective Comics #851 (***)

Dennis O’Neil on Batman? Check. Last Rites tag? Check. The story is called “Last Days of Gotham”? Check. This has to be awesome, right? Wrong, it’s just mediocre. That’s sad, isn’t it? Do we need another Nightwing and Two-Face story? A new character is introduced, that’s cool. But it’s some lame female Two-Face character. She is pretty though, which leads me to the art. Guillem March is a newcomer who I guess drew some Poison Ivy thing. That makes perfect sense because he draws the female form the best. Sure this new character looks like Charlize Theron at times, but she is pretty. March’s style looks very cartoony, kind of like Anime. I liked it well enough. But the main problem here is still the story. Did anyone think this would just be usual filler? Gaiman’s issues can’t be like this too, can they? Nah.

6 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: The Invincible Detective

  1. I was actually pretty excited about Denny’s issues, but the first one was very mundane. I adored the art, but found the main narrative just kind of… dull. And, given that Gaiman, for all his skills as a writer, is essentially writing someone else’s plot, I’d bet that it absolutely could be filler like this.

    I’m still going to get it, because I love me some Gaiman, but… yeah, this issue of ‘Tec was a letdown.

  2. No, but I think the idea is, with Moore’s, he wrote a story and then beat the shit out of people until they let him published it. It really was the Last Superman Story… for the Silver Age.

    With Gaiman’s, Didio approached him about writing ‘Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader”, asking if he’d like to write the ‘last Batman story’ – but the last Batman story of what? Of what Age? We all know Bruce isn’t going anywhere. So it’s largely on Gaiman’s skill, and when he’s on, he’s the best… but when he isn’t, the heightened expectations really work against him.

  3. Moore beat the shit out of people until thy published it? That’s not the story that was told in that Alan Moore DC trade. Oh well.

    Whatever Happened will probably be good. Even poor writers should be able to get something out of that concept I would think.

    Nice to see Kubert back on Batman anyway.

    God, I think the only Gaiman story I’ve read is Eternals. I didn’t even know who he was at the time. So, I think I can keep an open mind when I read his Batman.

  4. Okay, he didn’t actually physically beat people. I just like to say that because he’s in a fight with so damn many people and companies at this point that it is frankly ridiculous.

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