The Archives: Dini’s Detective Part 2

Detective Comics #827 (***)

Hey a new Ventriloquist! Does anybody care? Well I will give props to Dini for creating a new character. And if you were one of the five people who loved the old Ventriloquist, you’ll probably love this. The character has finally been updated! No more “Gatman”! This is a sexier female version that is even scarred herself. There’s nothing more to say about this ish. This is the weakest issue so far, but it’s still decent.

Detective Comics #828 (***1/2)

More murder mystery hooray! Actually, that part was just ok, but at least Dini’s Riddler is back. Remember he’s a good guy who gets to pal around with Batman now? Again I have to say that I enjoy this version of Riddler. It’s nice to see him team up with Bats and of course we get some humor. Oh and I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that Dini isn’t really writing Batman, he’s writing Bruce Wayne. This is all about Wayne’s life. Sure Batman is a big part of it, but we also get to see Bruce’s friends and his love life and so on. It’s another element that keeps this run fresh.

Detective Comics #831 (****)

Dini writes Harley Quinn! How can you not feel the love? Yes we get some Harley action here and guess what? She isn’t very villainous. That’s one of Dini’s themes remember? Harley is trying to go good but someone breaks her out of jail. Is it the Joker? Nope, it’s that new Ventriloquist. She or they, however you want to think of it, need her for a job. Will Harley go evil? I won’t tell you, but I will say that if you loved the old Ventriloquist you need to check this out. This is one of Wesker’s finest moments. So Dini wrote about Harley Quinn and it was good. No surprises there.

Detective Comics #833 (*****)

Oh no this isn’t a done-in-one! Who cares it’s great! Remember that issue with Zatanna and Loxias? Well they both return here, but that Loxias guy looks a little different. I wonder why? I won’t spoil it but I was surprised. Also, Dini writes Zatanna really well. Again, Dini’s run is about Bruce Wayne. Zatanna is a childhood friend. She may have even been the first girl Bruce has a crush on, maybe even kissed I don’t know. And then Zatanna betrayed Bruce in a horrible way. Dini writes these characters so realistically. Damn this issue was good.

Detective Comics #834 (****)

So the longest story in Dini’s run so far has been two issues? How cool is that? This conclusion isn’t quite as satisfying as I’d hoped, but it’s still pretty good. Damn it! I didn’t want to spoil this but I have to because I want to ask a question.

SPOILER! What’s up with Joker and the Watchmen? He has the symbol on his shirt here and he also had it in that JSA annual that came out recently. Is there a reason for this? First the Marx Brothers and now this. END SPOILERS!

Anyway, this was another solid issue from the Dini machine. Remember in last issue’s review I talked about Bruce being human? Well check out this quote.

Zatanna: “We’re only human Bruce. Batman: Thanks for reminding me.”

Final Thoughts: I haven’t mentioned Don Kramer’s art yet have I? That’s probably because it’s not very important. Dini’s writing is definitely the star of the show. Still, Kramer consistently performed well. His art isn’t anything to write home about but it got the job done. He even created some new characters like the female Ventriloquist. Farewell dear Kramer!

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