Bruce Castle Presents: The Astounding New JSA!

Astounding Wolf-man #10

Astounding Wolf-Man #10 (****)

This book works. If it was written a different way or the art was worse, it probably wouldn’t. But this book is assembled well. It’s actually monthly now, sweet. There are a lot less words than a normal Kirkman comic, but that’s ok. The art team, Jason Howard and the Plascenia’s, really make things beautiful. Beautiful in that violent monster world kind of way. We’re also treated to some Zachariah backstory. Oh and that last page is kind of sad. I’m finally starting to care about these characters. Please keep the book on time, Kirkman!

New Avengers #47

New Avengers #47 (***1/2)

This has nothing to do with Secret Invasion. There are only two pages that reference the invasion and it’s basically a reprint of those Secret Invasion #8 pages. Why did Billy Tan even draw those new pages? Why didn’t they just insert the images from the main event? It would have looked better at least. Ok, my negativity is out of the way. This was a good issue. It’s about Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. We get the story of how they fell in love. Their interactions are written well and their affection is genuine. Having said that, I’m sure I won’t remember this issue in six months and I doubt I’ll ever read it again. If you’re looking for a Secret Invasion tie-in, look elsewhere. If you want a heartfelt tale about a married couple with a baby, pick this up.

Justice Society Of America #21

Justice Society of America #21 (****)

The penultimate chapter at long last. This is our big action payoff. If you felt JSA has been too talky lately, you should enjoy this. I wish there was a little more to Gog’s confrontation than the standard hero-villain-smackdown, but oh well. We know who all the characters are now, right? We care about them now, right? They were all challenged emotionally, right? This is classic storytelling at its finest. The only problem is that we’ve all kind of seen it before. Alex Ross is a co-writer. But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. That could even mean it’s great, I have to wait until the end of course. This is really only the second JSA story of this series. I guess we need to give Johns some time to set everything up. The Black Adam story is next and how can that not be fantastic? Last thing, did everyone enjoy getting JSA books five weeks in a row? That was kind of nice after some of the lateness this year.

16 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: The Astounding New JSA!

  1. New Avengers kind of disappointed me. Sure, it wasn’t bad, but after last issue’s dramatic Dormammu reveal, I was hoping for more on that, not an issue about Luke Cage and Jessica Jones talking. It was done well, but it wasn’t a good follow-up to the previous issue.

  2. Well, that’s pretty much what I said, right?

    Plus, how was that Secret Invasion? Couldn’t the last SI NA issue be better? Why didn’t Bendis save his best for last instead of his “that is not about Skrulls” issue.

    And yeah that Dormammu reveal was interesting. I wonder what Vaughn thinks?

    Why can’t Bendis create his own characters instead of taking others. So far he has Maria Hill and that’s it. Oh and Layla Miller, but David is the one writing her.

    You have so much power, Bendis! Use it!

    Oh and while your here and to make this post longer. Are you sticking with NA post 3.99? I’m not sure yet.

  3. What do you mean? As far as I can tell, there is NA 48, which is 3, 49 which is 4 (probably slightly bigger) and NA 50 which is 5 (and it is the 50th issue, so I’m not all that surprised).
    And I really don’t care if someone uses someone else’s characters. Still, he also created Quake and the rest of the Secret Avengers, and all of the different Skrull personalities, along with adapting everyone to the House of M. I don’t mind him using other people’s characters, as long as what they are doing makes sense in regard to how they were previously established, which I feel he has done, for the most part.
    The most exciting thing in comics I am looking forward to is the return of Bob, Agent of Hydra, although Dark Reign looks interesting also.

  4. NA #49 and DA #1 will be the standard 32 pgs at 3.99. This will be the new price for both of these books. This year, Marvel has made mini-series’ and certain titles like MAX books 3.99 already. Now they’re making a few core Marvel monthlies 4 bucks as well. Of course it’s their post popular books that are jumping in price. NA, DA and Hulk are the ones I know for sure. So will you stay with that?

    Obviously you have to use other people’s characters. But he’s using new characters like Sentry and the Hood. That’s fine I guess. But he has so much power, why can’t he create some new ones? Think about the best runs in comics. They usually contain new characters that we still see today. Although now that I think about it, Geoff Johns hasn’t created many new characters either has he?

  5. I really don’t feel you have to create new characters to make something good. Why do you care so much about new characters, anyway? It’s already hard to explain to non-comic fans about something I liked. I have to tell mini-backstories on characters so they know why I like it. Sure, new characters can be cool, but, honestly, I really don’t care. I actually prefer to have older characters in stuff like Spider-Man. I liked New Ways to Die a lot more than BND, and the recent issues are more fun than BND. Post-BND, there hasn’t been a Spidey story that I just disliked. Sure, there were some that weren’t as good, but I liked them. For examples of why new characters aren’t always a good thing, may I point out Freak? I mean, come on!

    In conclusion, sure new characters can be fun, but they also can be bad. There is nothing (that I can see) that new characters bring to the table that makes it better to have a lot of new characters.

  6. Nothing about the price, eh?

    The new characters thing was more of a passing thought. I was more interested in your thoughts on the big price. But I guess since we’re here, I think it’s a mark of a good writer if you can create new fantastic characters. Why is Stan Lee so great? Because of all the interesting characters he introduced. You don’t have to create new characters of course, but that seems to be an important element that makes a good writer a great one.

    I think the reason it was on my mind was because I just ran through Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. He created Armor and Agent Brand in that run. Both of those characters, especially the latter, are already important. Also, Whedon was taking from many of the characters and ideas introduced by Grant Morrison, my favorite writer who has created a ton of new characters.

    But of course I’m more interested in whether you’ll stick with NA post four dollar price tag.

  7. As long as in general, the price stays at 3 (not for NA obviously), I’m fine with paying 4 for NA.

    Price is important, but the 1 extra for NA doesn’t seem like much to me. When there are entire issues that I want to get, sure I could have gotten a single issue after 3 months of NA, but the 4 dollar NA doesn’t bother me enough to stop reading it.

  8. True, but what about DA? That’s two dollars. Then for me, I have to think about Hulk. That’s three dollars. And if they see NA, DA, and Hulk still just as successful, they may raise other books to four. So when does the buck stop?

  9. That’s cool. My review for Crossed #2 is on the front page of the Avatar Press website. Always nice to know somebody is reading, right?

  10. I saw that, that was cool. Well, Dark Avengers looks interesting. I was reading some SI tie-ins that I won’t be any more. I mean, all in all, I don’t see it making that big of a difference for me. What am I supposed to do, though. Not buy NA because doing that might make my other comics go up in price? I think some people will stop reading, others will pick it up. Once all comics in general are going to be 4, then let me know. Until then, meh.

  11. That’s true, but if those titles are still making money, other ones will go up. Who knows, all comics might be 4 bucks in 2010. I’m always looking to drop titles and save money, and so this has got me thinking.

    New Avengers isn’t that great of a title is it? Think about it. The Savage Land arc was just good. The Sentry one was average to bad. Ronin was good. House of M was bad. Civil War was ok. And the SI was mostly bad. The only great arc was the Hood one. Almost fifty issues, and only one great arc? That’s weak. I could just switch to trades or even drop the book. The only downside is that if I do either option, I’ll kind of lose touch with Marvel won’t I. NA is their flagship title. I’ll kind of miss out on Dark Reign for example right? But four bucks for a good to mediocre title? I have to think.

    On the other hand, I probably have to buy DA. I love villain books, and I mostly love the new team. And NA and DA are crossing over soon. So, I guess I’m on the book for a few more issues. Oh and I just remembered that Secret Warriors is four bucks too. I was going to pick that up, but not now. Maybe in trade if I hear great things.

  12. I actually like NA a lot. I can’t remember when I started picking it up. Wait. I believe it was some time around when House of M came out. Some time around then (I believe slightly after). NA vol 3 was awesome. There was a lot of good stuff. I seem to remember getting issues before the Xorn/Collective arc, but, it gets confusing. Oh well. I still enjoy it. I mean, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. That’s my best advice. If you don’t like something, then just don’t get it. Losing touch with Marvel? Just read reviews of NA or rad about it from something else if you think you need to know the stories. If you want to read Dark Reign stuff, then pick it up. Otherwise, if you don’t like the comic, just don’t get it. There’s been some disappointing issues of NA, but overall, I’ve liked it a lot.
    Yeah, Secret Warriors looks interesting, but I don’t know if I want to pick up a lot of new titles. At the very least, I’ll completely get out of DC soon, as Blue Beetle is ending. Then, I won’t even have to pay attention to DC related stuff.

  13. Yeah, I’ll have to think about NA. Don’t quit DC! You know, I always thought of myself of a Marvel fan. I certainly read more Marvel titles, but that’s because Marvel is a marketing genius. But the few DC book I do read are pretty great.

    Secret Six
    Green Lantern
    JSA – Though I may drop it after Johns leaves
    Final Crisis
    Wonder Woman -In trade

    All of those are fantastic!

  14. Basically, I have always been a Marvel fan. I liked Batman when I was a kid, but that was about it. Otherwise, I have liked Marvel a lot more. Even though I was back into comics (picking them up regularly), I didn’t see Batman Begins, even after the praise, and only have seen it on a plane, in which I was meh about it. I found more flaws with TDK than anything good. I only went on the opening day because one of my “friends” wanted to see it and I decided to hang out with him that day. I never would have read DC at all, were it not for Cully Hamner designing and drawing Blue Beetle. I’ve picked up some TPBs, but otherwise, I only pick up Blue Beetle because of Cully Hamner originally. I’m not going to start another DC title at this point. There is nothing they have that interests me enough. The only thing that would somewhat interest me is Teen Titans (with Blue Beetle, who I’ve grown to like), but I’ve heard enough bad things about it that I really don’t want to get it if it is bad just for Blue Beetle.
    One of the reasons I dislike DC is that they get lazy. Or at least, that is what it seems. While Marvel does retcons, DC does them in a crazy way. Crisis completely changed everything, by super-retconning everything. Zero Hour, same thing. Infinite Crisis also. They too often just do crazy stuff, and then mess up and just fix their problems with retcons. I did hate how Marvel did that type of retcon with Spidey, one of the reasons I was bitter about BND. So Final Crisis is out of the question. Everything else doesn’t have characters that interest me enough to pick up a new title.

  15. I’m not one of them, but there are some that would threaten castration for disliking the Dark Knight. Really? You don’t like DC that much? Well, that’s fine. Different strokes for different folks.

    Do not read Teen Titans! At least not the new stuff, sadly with Blue Beetle. If you want to read TT, the first 50 issues with Johns were fine, but not the new stuff. Oddly enough, my recommendation for cool new Blue Beetle would be the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon.

    I reviewed the first episode here.

    That had Blue Beetle. He was also in the episode last night. It repeats at 10:30 this morning if you want to check it out. Though that was the worst episode so far, so don’t judge too harshly.

  16. I’d watch it, but I don’t have a consistent TV that allows me to watch it. At home, I might Tivo what I can of it. Yeah, that cartoon looked interesting when I first heard of it at Comic-Con, mostly because it had Jaime Reyes in it. That is what made me want to watch it.

    Exactly my point. I might have picked up TT, but, I’ve heard so many bad things that I am not going to.

    I’ve talked to some people about my dislikes of TDK, who loved it, and they admitted that everything that I brought up was a valid point about what the movie did wrong. It wasn’t perfect. My personal views allowed me to see flaws a lot more than other people. Everyone I have talked to about it has agreed that certain things, the things I mentioned when talking to them, were bad. So, I think I’m safe. I know some pretty hardcore Batman fans, and I’m still alive, so I think that’s pretty good.

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